18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.mangoPUNTO FA S.L.ubilibet.comView

PUNTO FA S.L. is submitting the application of .mango TLD for the exclusive use of the MANGO Group of companies (Punto Fa and its Affiliates).

As such, the .mango TLD is the new domain name specifically designated for the fashion Spanish-based international brand MANGO, a renowned company present in over 100 countries within the five continents.

The MANGO Group is the holder of a number of trademarks in many different jurisdictions. Among many others, the International trademark (registration number: 613.600), and 25 trademarks in Spain for all kind of products and services: trademark M 1164248 for clothing (Nice class 25); trademark M 1214416 for colours and materials (Nice class 2); trademark M 1214428 for jewellery (Nice class 14); trademark M 1214451 for communication services (Nice class 38); trademark M 1804317 for textile materials not comprised in clothing (Nice class 24), etc.

The .mango TLD Registry will be operated by Punto Fa with the support of UBILIBET, S.L., a consulting firm specialized in the information society, offering its customers comprehensive consulting solutions in information and communication technology.

The goals of a .mango TLD are:

a. To facilitate digital communications between the brand, its providers and customers,
b. To strengthen the image of MANGO in the on-line world,
c. To unify the brand in the digital world,
d. To facilitate access to the company information for users,
e. To improve customer security, trust and loyalty,
f. To control MANGO’s Internet presence,
g. New marketing opportunities,
h. New business opportunities,
i. To enhance brand recognition,
j. To increase the value of the company, and hence, the brand.

This is to be achieved by:

i. Creating a platform between prospects, clients, brands & franchisees,
ii. Creating an integrated virtual and physical sales channel,
iii. Creating homogenized websites.

Because MANGO is an international, open-minded and business-driven institution that has become a global reference point in the fashion sector internationally, the company has clearly seen that the new domains represent a transformative opportunity to reinforce their brand strategically and they are willing to take advantage of it.

The company is well aware of what this shift from address centric to identity-centric TLD architecture carries since it has been following with interest ICANN’s new gTLD program since its inception, and has gathered the required intelligence to adopt an educated decision. PUNTO FA S.L. understands the opportunities and the responsibility of what the gTLD process implies, and is fully committed to run a piece of Internet infrastructure through the .mango TLD.

PUNTO FA S.L. has always been an innovative company in the Internet area, continuously investing to be up to date with the last trends. Therefore, acquiring a Top Level Domain opens a new world of opportunities and will create a competitive advantage for MANGO’s business. A .mango TLD would tie together various elements of the brand architecture beautifully and will place the brand as an innovation leader within the fashion industry.

The MANGO concept is a result of the interrelation between a quality product of unique design with a coherent and unified brand image and marketing. MANGO’s worldwide advertising campaigns under its own Top Level Domain will showcase the company as a pioneer within the fashion sector on the Internet, which has been one of MANGO’s main goals. MANGO has always been ahead of its main competitors. In the year 2000 the group was already selling via Internet and it was in 2006 when its online commercial strategy increased its aggressiveness. By then, the company considered the Internet as a priority channel of sales, communications and marketing. Today MANGO’s online shops cover Europe, USA & Canada and Asia. The expansion plan is endless and the brand expects to cover the five continents in concordance with its more than 1,400 retail stores.

Because MANGO is worldwide, MANGO exports wherever it goes. MANGO is the sound of business.

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