18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.CAREERdotCareer LLCsecondgen.comView

DotCareer LLC (“DC”) has been created for the purpose of providing the .CAREER gTLD to the internet community. DC is owned and operated by the same management team which currently owns and operates the .JOBS sponsored gTLD.

The mission⁄purpose of .CAREER is to promote competition and consumer choice in the namespace, and to further provide marketing opportunities and domain names for registrants to promote and provide career, job, human resources and employment-related information. It is a further mission⁄purpose of the .CAREER gTLD to promote consumer trust by providing a gTLD operated in a professional and commercially reasonable manner by an experienced management team and powered by a world-class back end registry provider.

It is DC’s intent to provide .CAREER as a standard gTLD for the general benefit of the Internet community, and to provide opportunities to practitioners in the career, job, human resources and employment-related industries which are no longer practically available in the current namespace (for reasons such as the unavailability of relevant names in other TLD’s, the high cost of acquiring such names (for example, the high price of domain acquisition in the secondary market), and the controlled nature of domain allocation in the sponsored TLD .jobs).

In fulfilling this intent, DC intends to explore ways of promoting adoption and use of the .CAREER gTLD to fulfill its mission⁄purpose, and will likely obtain input from human resource practitioners, employers, vendors and others towards investigating many such ways.

One exemplary way DC intends to explore is providing geographic and⁄or generic industry terms not otherwise reserved from registration and⁄or use for use at the second-level to provide employment listings of employers and⁄or employment-related information in the area associated with the geographic term or the field associated with the industry term. In this regard consumer choice is promoted by providing an easily accessible source for providing job listing- and employment-related information. DC believes that such use would bolster user awareness of the .CAREER gTLD and further help brand the gTLD as “career-related”, particularly as compared to other gTLDs, which DC believes will aid in driving user acceptance of the gTLD. DC will investigate provision of a founder’s-type program, similar to such as provided for the .ASIA gTLD, for promoting allocation of any such (premium) geographic and⁄or (premium) generic industry terms not otherwise reserved from registration and⁄or use, potentially first by request for proposals (RFPs) and then by first-come, first-serve at a potentially higher fixed annual fee.

DC will be managed in a highly professional and commercially reasonable manner, consistent with any applicable ICANN Consensus Policies, ICANN’s registry agreement and any applicable rules of law, providing a level of comfort to registrants and Internet users alike as being a gTLD powered by the industry’s leading back end provider (Verisign, Inc.) and backed by a management team already experienced in the operation of a gTLD.

DC pledges to assist ICANN in reviewing the New gTLD Program as specified in section 9.3 of ICANN’s Affirmation of Commitments as such relates to .CAREER and the materials set forth in this application, including consideration of the extent to which the .CAREER gTLD has promoted competition, consumer trust and consumer choice, as well as effectiveness of the application and evaluation process for .CAREER, and all safeguards put in place for .CAREER to mitigate issues involved in running .CAREER.

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