18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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i. Resolving Multiple Registrants

The .Secure domain will run Sunrise and Landrush periods before general availability to manage conflicts over trademarked and generic terms. These periods are described in detail in the answer to Question 28.

One of the fundamental precepts of the .Secure gTLD is the idea of verified identity. Trademark holders and holders of existing gTLD domains will be allowed to apply for those domains during the 30 day Sunrise period for no additional cost above normal registration fees. A subsequent 14 day landrush period will conclude with auctions for contested generic names. All applicants for Sunrise and Landrush domains will need to submit their verification details and operate their sites in compliance with our security and acceptable use policies.

Registration Phases:

Phase 1 (Sunrise): Operated for a limited scheduled time period preceding Landrush and General Availability (30 days).

Through our Sunrise Policy we will offer a single, 30-day Sunrise round. Trademark holders satisfying (i), (iii) and (iv) of the Sunrise Eligibility requirements (SERs) and any general eligibility requirements (as identified in our response to Question 18) proposed in the Applicant Guidebook at Trademark Clearinghouse s6.2.3 will be eligible to apply for a domain name. Our Sunrise Policy will specify that applications satisfying the SERs received by a Registrar within the 30-day sunrise period will be accepted for participation in the sunrise. This will be the first opportunity for registration in our TLD.

Our Sunrise Policy will mandate that the trademarks upon which sunrise applications are based must fall within s7.2 of the Applicant Guidebook (Trademark Clearinghouse), be supported by an entry in the TMCH, or registered with a trademark authority⁄database of national effect. Additional acceptable qualifying Intellectual Property for Sunrise applications may also include exact match legacy domain registrations in existing gTLDs prior to a certain cutoff date.

Allocation will start at the end of the 30-day Sunrise period. Where only one validated application is received for a domain name, that domain will be allocated to the applicant during the period between the close of the Sunrise applications period and start of the Landrush. Where multiple validated applications are received for the same domain name applicants will be invited to participate in an auction to determine the party to which the domain will be allocated.

Phase 2 (Land Rush): Operated during a scheduled time period preceding General Availability (21 days).

Application will be open during Sunrise to all potential registrants who commit to conformance with the .secure Acceptable Use Policy and RRA. .Secure will accept applications for 21 days and begin processing them at the end of the Landrush period. Allocation will start at the end of the 21-day landrush period. Where multiple validated applications are received for a domain name, applicants will be invited to participate in an auction to determine the party to which the domain will be allocated.

Phase 3 (General Availability):

We believe sufficient opportunity will have been provided to IP holders upon completion if the sunrise and land rush periods and their associated ʺquietʺ or ʺprocessing periodsʺ. We also believe Landrush has a cooling effect on speculators, and we also note the operating requirements of .Secure for registrants are themselves a powerful deterrent to speculative registration. We will now begin live registrations on a first come, first serve basis in General Availability.

ii. Cost Benefits

A critical component of consumer acceptance of .Secure will be encouraging registrants to go live soon after obtaining their domain. To encourage this behavior we plan to run a pioneer program to encourage major brands to take their sites live on .Secure. This program will offer discounts on long-term registration in return for a promise to launch a fully functional consumer experience under the .Secure domain within six months of delegation. Additional discounts and offers will be discussed and considered with Registrar partners after the application period closes.

iii. Price Increases

Our current financial model is intended to cover expected operating costs for several years without price increases. Although we have no plans for a price change in the foreseeable future, we do understand the market can be unpredictable. Hence, we intend to respect and allow the open market to help us determine any pricing changes, if and when they are needed.

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