18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.FirmdaleFirmdale Holdings Limitedfirmdale.comView

The Applicant, Firmdale Holdings Ltd, is a five star luxury boutique hotel group with 7 owned and operated restaurants and hotels in UK and US. The TLD .firmdale registry will be a single registrant registry. Only Firmdale Holding Ltd, its affiliates (another company with whom the Applicant has common control), its assigns and its subsidiaries will be able to register .firmdale domain names in accordance with stated policies of the dot Firmdale Registry. All the uses in accordance with its mission set out in question 18a will be the benefit and use of its business in lawful manner.

It will not be open to the public or to other parties to apply for .Firmdale domain names. The string: “firmdale” has no common dictionary meaning in any ASCII scripted language according to research undertaken by the Applicant. It would have no ordinary appeal for consumers of domain names. The Applicant’s policies prohibit all unlawful conduct such as spam, phishing, pharming, botnets, and other abusive practices in accordance with Firmdales Anti-Abuse Policy. Also Firmdale will comply with URS, UDRP, and provide a public whois search.

Since there will not be third party registrations the costs of registration will be an internal matter for Applicant. Firmdale expects to use less than 100 domain names in the next 5 years of operations. Its impact on the internet will be minimal and limited to customers of Firmdale and potential guests and customers in its marketing campaigns.

The Applicant has no issues with giving advance written notice of price increases in accordance with the Registry Agreement, should the event arise.

To comply with ICANN’s Application Guidebook, sunrise and trademark clearing house, URS, UDRP, will be subscribed to in order to meet the Application requirements and its obligations under the Registry Agreement with ICANN and will be subject always to Firmdale’s policy of being a single registrant registry.

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