18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.FirmdaleFirmdale Holdings Limitedfirmdale.comView

Mission for new TLD .firmdale

Firmdale Holdings Ltd* is an award winning 5 star boutique hotel group rapidly expanding in US and UK (“Firmdale”). It was established by owners Tim and Kit Kemp with the Dorset Square Hotel in 1985. Over the past 27 years they have gone on to create a globally recognised hotel brand with 8 properties in London and New York. Firmdale has received many prestigious awards by internationally recognised publications such as Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report, Conde Nast Traveller, The Good Hotel Guide, Vogue and many more. Kit Kemp as group Design Director has been named the Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year, Homes and Gardens Interior Designer and House & Gardens Hotel Designer of the Year. Firmdale’s passion for outstanding service was recognised by winning the Excellence in Customer Service award in the Hotel Excellence Awards 2010.

As a market leader aiming to achieve the highest levels of guest satisfaction, Firmdale seeks to acquire the best internet address for its expanding businesses by a new TLD .firmdale. With TLD .firmdale, Firmdale can expand guests’ services online, meet all present and future internet address needs, promote the awarding winning brand .firmdale, benefit customers from new innovations online and maintain the hidden gem qualities of the individual hotels whilst promoting the umbrella brand .firmdale.

How TLD .Firmdale will achieve its mission

In the first round of gTLD process Firmdale will be able to set itself apart from the competition. This key market differentiation will boost Firmdale’s perception among its very discerning clientele. Firmdale does not expect all hotel chains will seek their own TLD and as such Firmdale self apart from the plethora of .com addressing.

Firmdale is known to be ground breaking in many ways. Firmdale demonstrated its ability to embrace new technology with its own App, use of QR codes, and the virtualisation of its network. Firmdale showcases contemporary art in each of the hotels interiors. World class artists such as Fernando Botero, Jaume Plensa, Tony Cragg and Anslem Keiffer are just a few examples. Firmdale has high environmental standards as part of its green mission. The Crosby Street Hotel is one of the most environmentally responsible hotel builds in the United States. It is certified gold LEED by the US Green Building Council making it one of the very first hotels in New York to do so. (LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Firmdale expects its online strategy will compliment and promote their green mission.

Guest satisfaction is the key to Firmdale’s success. Firmdale plans to improve its online experience for its customers. This will enable potential customers to find, arrange and book the Firmdale product they desire whether that’s a hotel room or suite, apartment, bar, restaurant, screening room, spa, private event space or afternoon tea venue. Firmdale expects to be actively using under 100 domain names.

Social Marketing
At present Firmdale uses Twitter and Facebook as social marketing tools. Firmdale intends to further advance into new and progressive forms of communication and interaction with guests. It will explore new ways to enhance customer service and feedback. With a new TLD Firmdale aspires to engage with its clientele in ways which will personalise their experience and yet protect their privacy to the highest levels.

Branding Opportunities
Firmdale is associated with hotels, restaurants, bars and events. In the next three years Firmdale will open several new hotels, bars, restaurants, serviced apartments, retail stores, screening rooms, office accommodation, spas and gyms which will create future branding opportunities both online and offline. Other business activities undertaken by Firmdale include Palace Laundry, a collection of exclusive interior design fabric as well as a building and construction business. Firmdale currently produces bespoke gifts such as co-branded bath products and robes, umbrellas, pencils and stationery items. These provide new branding opportunities online or offline. With its own TLD Firmdale will be able to create short memorable domain names to enhance marketing efforts.

As a single registrant TLD, Firmdale will be able to prevent spam, viruses, and other illicit content under its domain space which will promote customer trust in the brand and internet space. A customer wishing to book a room will come to know that they can book in confidence though a dot .firmdale address.

*About Firmdale Hotels

Firmdale Hotels is a group of 9 companies held by, the Applicant, Firmdale Holdings Ltd of the UK, a company registered in England No:4648681. The company structure is set out on the attached, with the hotel operations running through Firmdale Hotels plc and its US Hotels owned by Firmdale Holdings USA Inc of Delaware.

As at March 2012 Firmdale Hotel includes the following Hotels: Haymarket Hotel, The Soho Hotel, Covent Garden Hotel, Charlotte Street Hotel, Knightsbridge Hotel, and Number Sixteen Hotel in London and The Crosby Street Hotel, in New York City. Firmdale Hotels also includes 5 bars & restaurants: Brumus, Refuel, Brasserie Max, Oscar and The Crosby Bar. Firmdale Hotels has a number of acquisitions under development including Ham Yard Hotel, serviced apartments and retail in London’s Soho as well as 56th Street Hotel in New York City. Dorset Square Hotel, which has been re-acquired by Firmdale is due to open in mid-June 2012.

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