18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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(a) Describe the mission⁄purpose of your proposed gTLD.

The .barcelona TLD application is submitted by the Ajuntament de Barcelona (City Council of Barcelona) in name and on behalf of the .barcelona community.

The goals of the .barcelona TLD are to:

(a) facilitate digital communications from, to and within the .barcelona community;

(b) provide a platform for the development in the digital space of the .barcelona community.

(c) strengthen the image of the .barcelona community in the on-line and off-line world;

This is to be achieved by:

(i) actively designing and developing the .barcelona TLD name space with a focus on the needs of the .barcelona community, involving cultural, welfare, business and public stakeholders;

(ii) allowing registrations of second-level domains in the .barcelona TLD by individuals and organizations with a bona fide nexus to the .barcelona community and its area of influence.

(iii) operating the .barcelona TLD under the stewardship of the City Council of Barcelona as the most representatively democratically elected Institution representing the community. The .barcelona TLD Registry operator has the willingness to cooperate with Fundació puntCAT in order to operate the Registry with the highest standards of excellency and reputation achieved by .cat.

The widest objectives of .barcelona TLD are:

To offer a platform to channel the cultural and identity values and prestige of the City of Barcelona and its area of influence in the global environment. To offer new services to its citizens, visitors and all those interested in the City of Barcelona. To reinforce the e-government policies, open data and smart-city strategies the City is developing following the European Digital Agenda objectives. And to constitute a tool to enhance the leadership strategy of the City Council of Barcelona in different areas, such as: Mobile World Congress, the partnership with other urban communities undertaking the efforts referred in the previous points and the development of a Name Space Mandate to provide new services in urban planning and services for citizens and visitors.

Moreover, the .barcelona TLD will also contribute to increase diversity of the DNS, which is one of the objectives of the gTLD process. The .barcelona TLD will introduce a new and unique example of a domain who serves the area of influence of a global urban community purposes, with its citizens and visitors’ needs as its main objective, thus contributing to reflect the cultural diversity on the global DNS.

(See responses under Question 20 below regarding community delineation.)

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