22 Describe proposed measures for protection of geographic names at the second and other levels in the applied-for gTLD

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.AQUITAINERégion d’Aquitainetic.aquitaine.frView

As the applicant is a region of France its visitors will mainly be looking for regional and local information. The applicant permits registration of domain names containing geographical names such as the names of towns or of departments.
However, when the consent is required before the registration and the use of a quoted domain name and in accordance with specification 5 of the Registry Agreement, the applicant undertakes to obtain the consent before the registration, the delegation or the use of the domain name

According with GAC advice on geographic names at the second level, the .AQUITAINE registry some specific geographical names will not be available for registration.
* List of UN member states
* The Technical Reference Manual for the Standardization of Geographical Names, from the United Nations
* All the abbreviations of the country codes and territory names detailed on the 3166-1 listf

For registration requests from the relevant public authority, the registry operator will put in place the procedure agreed between the GAC and Afilias for the Dot INFO GTLD.

For any other request to register a geographic name, the applicant will need to provide registry operator with proof of non-objection or support from the relevant public authority.

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