18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.FRONTIERFrontier Communications Corporationftr.comView

A. Background of Frontier Communications Corporation

Frontier Communications Corporation (“Frontier”) is a communications company that provides services predominantly to residential and business customers in rural areas and small and medium-sized towns and cities in the U.S. Frontier was incorporated in the state of Delaware in 1935, originally under the name of Citizens Utilities Company, and was known as Citizens Communications Company from 2000 until July 31, 2008. Frontier’s mission is to be the leader in providing communications services to residential and business customers in our markets. Frontier is committed to delivering innovative and reliable products and solutions with an emphasis on convenience, service and customer satisfaction. During the year ended December 31, 2011, Frontier generated revenue of $5.2 billion, net income of $45 million and cash flow from operations of $1.6 billion.

Frontier offers a variety of voice, data, Internet, and television services and products, some that are available á la carte, and others that are available as bundled or packaged solutions. Frontier is the United State’s largest communications services provider focused on rural areas and small and medium-sized towns and cities, operating in 27 states, and the nation’s fourth largest Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC), with approximately 5.3 million access lines, 1.8 million broadband connections and 15,400 employees as of December 31, 2011. Frontier’s business is with both residential and business customers and Frontier provides the “last mile” of telecommunications services to customers in these markets. Frontier’s services include:

local and long distance voice services;
data and Internet services;
access services; and
video services.

Local and long distance voice services. Frontier provides basic telephone wireline services to residential and business customers in our service areas. Frontier also provides enhanced services to customers by offering a number of calling features, including call forwarding, conference calling, caller identification, voicemail and call waiting. Long distance network service to and from points outside our operating territories are provided by interconnection with the facilities of interexchange carriers.

Data and Internet services. Frontier offers a wide range of wireline data services to residential, commercial and carrier customers. Residential services include HSI, dial up Internet, portal and e-mail products, and Frontier Secure services, such as hard drive back-up and computer technical support. Frontier’s www.TumTiki.com website provides easy online access to free television programs, video on demand movies and other entertainment. Hard drive back-up services, 24-7 help desk PC support and www.TumTiki.com are available to consumers and small businesses throughout the United States. Commercial services include Ethernet, Dedicated Internet, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), and TDM data transport services. These services are all supported by a 24x7 help desk and an advanced Network Operations Center. Frontier also offers wireless data services (using unlicensed WiFi spectrum) in select markets utilizing networks that Frontier owns or operates.

Access services. Frontier’s switched access services allow other carriers to use Frontier’s facilities to originate and terminate their local and long distance voice traffic.

Video services. Frontier offers video services under relationships with DISH and DirecTV. Frontier also offers fiber optic video services on a limited basis in the states of Indiana, Oregon and Washington pursuant to franchises, permits and similar authorizations issued by local franchising authorities utilizing fiber optic delivery transport to the home.

B. The Mission⁄Purpose of the .FRONTIER gTLD

Frontier is seeking approval for the .FRONTIER and .FTR gTLDs, which correspond to Frontier’s name and core brands, in furtherance of Frontier’s goal of continuing to deliver innovative and reliable products and solutions with an emphasis on convenience, service and customer satisfaction. Frontier’s proposed gTLDs are intended to be a cornerstone of Frontier’s future online strategic initiatives by providing a trusted, hierarchical, and intuitive namespace for consumers of Frontier’s services.

There are now approximately ten small ICANN approved gTLDs with fewer than 300,000 registrations, and Frontier will operate the .FRONTIER gTLD in accordance with a registry operations model similar to many of the small gTLDs now in operation. The principle feature of such existing small operations is reliance on trusted back-end suppliers. Frontier will rely on outsourcing all SRS, DNS, DNSSEC, WHOIS, Data Escrow, and registrar support operations to well-established technical service providers. Frontier will also take advantage of its existing corporate departments to interface with outside vendors on technical, legal, accounting, marketing, communications, and compliance issues associated with the .FRONTIER gTLD.

The .FRONTIER gTLD will be a small, specialized gTLD with no public registration sales market, and Frontier anticipates issuance of no more than 50 second level .FRONTIER domain names within the first three years of operation of the .FRONTIER gTLD. Frontier has based its planning for the .FRONTIER gTLD on careful analysis of the history of gTLD operations, particularly the introduction of gTLDs since 2001. This analysis has been developed by an internal team of specialists at Frontier as well as outside counsel and advisors. Frontier will be ready for the .FRONTIER gTLD to be delegated within one year of signing a registry agreement with ICANN.

The .FRONTIER gTLD is planned as a “.BRAND gTLD”, with the goal of promoting and protecting Frontier’s online presence and identity; expanding its marketing and promotion efforts; and providing a secure channel for delivery of online products and services. Owning the .FRONTIER gTLD will provide Frontier with the ability to enhance Frontier’s business model and distribution channels, as well as Frontier’s strategic positioning. The .FRONTIER gTLD will be used to complement Frontier’s social media and branding strategies and create new business opportunities. The foregoing will enable Frontier to capitalize in various areas, such as protecting Frontier brands; building brand loyalty; building customer trust; and enhancing security.

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