18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

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.whoswho21st Century Communications Limited (AND⁄OR) 二十一世纪通讯有限公司whoswho.comView

18b. Benefits to Registrants, Internet Users and Others

Ideally, the .whoswho would evolve into a place with a mix of vibrant people going about their lives online, in what would become a “neighborhood” that raised the bar for intelligent discourse and knowledge online. There might also eventually develop a component of legacy sites for individuals who perhaps left their papers and website to an educational institution, or a foundation, or founded an eponymous company or brand.

Registrants will benefit from the opportunity to register a .whoswho domain in the language of their home country. At registry launch, Whoʹs Who Registry will offer, in addition to English in the SLD, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and both simplified and traditional Chinese characters. Eight more are planned for Year 3 of the registry (or perhaps sooner, if introductions can be accelerated).

The entire Internet community will benefit from more detailed information about who the registrant actually is. For this reason, additional fields including Publication Title, Publication Year(s), Name (as listed therein), Publisher Name, Publisher Location, and Publisher Website (if any) will be included in each whois record.

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