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.SHOPCommercial Connect LLCdotShop.comView

Since Commercial Connect (CC) represents the e-commerce community, it is our intention to make dotShop as open and transparent as possible. That being said, we will have a full thick-registry with all information about the applicant available online for all to review. This gives the shopper confidence in that they know who they are dealing with, where the entity is located, and, in essence, where their money is going.

The WHOIS servers will be hot-standby, with backup WHOIS servers that are constantly (real-time) being updated with identical information form the live WHOIS server. This provides a failsafe for the live WHOIS server system. In case of a critical failure to the live WHOIS server, the backup WHOIS server on standby will instantaneously take the place of the malfunctioning server, and become the new live WHOIS server.

Commercial Connect’s WHOIS servers will work with other registries and registrars by whitelisting their DNS and WHOIS servers, as appropriate. This will provide smooth connectivity between the CCLLC registry and registrars. This will allow for registries and registrars to access our WHOIS and DNS servers as necessary, without suspicion of data mining and abuse.

To do this, we will take the registries and registrars network addresses and allow them preferred access to these required services.
Key personnel involved in the WHOIS plan will include direct reporting to the VP of Technology, and the VP of Operations. Staff directly involved will include the following: Network Administrator, Programmer-Senior, Programmer-Junior, Network Security Officers (2), Customer Service⁄Technical Support (2), Data Integrity Supervisor, and the Applicant Verification⁄Audit Staff of 2.

We are currently working toward RESTful WHOIS compliance. We anticipate this to be completed by the end of the 3rd Quarter, 2012. The RESTful WHOIS will provide a searchable WHOIS service through key web technology (xml, html) that assists the WHOis data exchange.

We have attached out WHOIS Policy below which will fit into this answer section but is much more readable as an attachment.

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