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EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) is an XML-based protocol created by VeriSign, with support from ICANN, which has been introduced as an industry standard protocol between registries and registrars.

Our registry works by having EPP software based on a Linux-based Ubuntu Server v.11.10. This allows us to maintain complete control over the system by only opening the needed ports for the EPP protocols. The EPP software on the server has been set up to run as a service so that the server is always listening for EPP requests from registrars; 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The EPP software was designed to specifically handle EPP requests, and then, based upon the request, allocate the necessary resources for the request according to the RFC 5730, RFC 5731, RFC 5732, RFC 5733, RFC 5734, and RFC 3735. At present, we have no intention to extend the EPP protocol in RFC 3735, and will remain compliant. The documents mentioned outline the EPP.

There will be two ways registrars are allowed to communicate with our registry. The first is through direct EPP communication with our servers. The second is using a website front-end to our EPP servers.

The first option is direct EPP communication with our servers. This will require the registrar to create a connection with our server using the EPP protocol. We will provide the registrar with the needed information to make such a connection. This includes providing IP addresses for our servers, the port on which our servers are listening for EPP requests and any account information needed to verify that the registrar is, in fact, the registrar connecting, and not another business or person. This option allows for the quickest and most direct way of making requests and commands on our registry with the downside that it requires the registrar to make changes to their software, so that the connection can be made.

The second option allows registrars to connect to our registry system through a website. For the registrar to have access to the site, Commercial Connect will ensure, through various validation processes, that the registrar is, in fact, the registrar it says it is, before giving an account to access the website. The website itself will have available all the commands that comply with the RFC’s 5730, 5731, 5732, 5733, and 5734. The interface will auto generate a template based on the command selected, and then allow for the registrar to fill in the necessary fields for the domain name(s).

After the required fields have been filled, the webserver sends the commands in EPP protocol to our EPP servers, which then execute the commands accordingly. The webserver then receives the output in html form for the user based on the success⁄failure of the command sent. This option is available for the registrars who do not wish to directly connect with our EPP servers and allows for a more user-friendly method of registering domain names with our registry.

Key personnel at Commercial Connect involved in this EPP plan will report to the VP of Technology, and the VP of Operations. Staff directly involved will include the following: Network Administrator, Programmer-Senior, Programmer-Junior, Network Security Officers (2), Customer Service⁄Technical Support (2), Data Integrity Supervisor, and the Applicant Verification⁄Audit Staff of 2.

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