20(d) Explain the relationship between the applied-for gTLD string and the community identified in 20(a)

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.SHOPCommercial Connect LLCdotShop.comView

.SHOP and eCommerce retailers are integrated in their objectives, as retailers are increasingly looking for a way to differentiate their shopping experience for the end consumer, by tying together a muliti-channel philosophy. Issues of findability, quick search, and backend analysis of buying decisions become easier with the advent of .SHOP and its community of interest. All information resides in one place for both the shopper and the marketer for brands, and other retail establishments.

Fraud online is a large discussion in the world today and additional mechanisms that secure existing vulnerabilities will be determined and implemented through patents. According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center’s 2010 Internet Crime Report, non-delivery of payments or merchandise totaling hundreds of millions of dollars accounted for 14.4 percent of the complaints, followed by scams involving people posing as U.S. FBI agents, at 13.2 percent.

Identity theft was the third most common crime (9.8 percent), followed by computer crimes (9.1 percent), miscellaneous fraud (8.6 percent), advance fee fraud (7.6 percent), spam (6.9 percent), auction fraud (5.9 percent), credit card fraud (5.3 percent) and overpayment fraud (5.3 percent).

Why a dotShop domain?
Easier – It will be easy to remember for end users looking to purchase goods.
Safer – It will validate registrants and publish owners of .SHOP domains.
Cheaper – It will cost less than current offerings.

Commercial Connect is committed to adequately addressing consumer protection, security, stability and resiliency, malicious abuse issues, sovereignty concerns, and rights protection for those that use .SHOP upon delegation.

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