20(c) Provide a description of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

Prototypical answer:

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.SHOPCommercial Connect LLCdotShop.comView

The community-based purpose is to aid in the the development of a safer, cheaper, and more secure platform for eCommerce, providing for a better online shopping experience. This mission adds to the Internet domains already available, so as to allow for URLs that can be defined as eCommerce from the first click. The addition of dotshop allows for increased options in domain selection and improved security. Commercial Connect, LLC has a process patent pending that will form the basis of a new security mechanism to verify registrants and publish this information for full transparency in the eCommerce shopping experience.

ICANN will be responsible for the enhancement of the Internet by providing a segmented eCommerce Top-Level Domain. Lastly, ICANN, through the social entrepreneurship of Commercial Connect’s financial commitment to a give-back model, will also be responsible for creating a worldwide charity that will benefit eCommerce provider sub-communities in the areas of enabling eCommerce, health, feeding the poor, and general education.

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