18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.swissSwiss International Air Lines Ltd.swiss.comView

Swiss International Air Lines has the principle to offer the best possible quality to its customers in everything it does. Being a genuine Swiss company, Swiss International Air Lines strives to embody all core values commonly attributed to a ʺSwissʺ product or offering. After having already established a holistic online strategy based on the social online behavior of our customers with highly positive feedback , a brand gTLD swiss is a logical step for Swiss International Air Lines to seize the opportunity to completely transfer its brand ʺSWISSʺ into the internet domain name space and use this innovative instrument to reinforce its perception of quality, trust, and innovation online.

The customer appreciation of the premium experience provided by Swiss International Air Lines is clearly reflected in the commercial success of the airline. To ensure the best possible online experience as well, Swiss International Air Lines aims to create the perfect blend of ease of use, emotion, and reliability in its application for the .swiss online environment. Not only will visitors easily find all information offered by Swiss International Air Lines, but they also will be able to rely on the care put into the preparation and the authenticity of the information offered in order to meet their individual travel demands.

The mission of the application for the .swiss gTLD thus is to ʺCreate a clearly dedicated online space that enables Swiss International Air Lines to provide its customers and other interest groups with the highest quality service and best possible experience related to their travel needs.ʺ

Swiss International Air Lines wants to provide its customers, who have come to appreciate the experience with a an exclusive namespace for all information, services and programs relevant to the airline in order to set its offering apart from other (low-cost) airlines that primarily compete on price. In contrast to this, Swiss International Air Lines puts a special emphasis on involving customers in the experience of airline travel first, by envisioning the joy of travelling and getting to know different places and people. Not only is it Swiss Air Lines Ltd.ʹs goal to enure a safe, pleasant and reliable journey with dedicated care; it is also the companyʹs aim to establish an inseperable connection between objective quality criteria that customers apply to the received service and the emotional side of travelling, i.e. when exploring destinations, planning trips, and arranging transportation and accommodation online already.

The consumer-oriented online presence of Swiss International Air Lines on www.swiss.com mainly consists of information on its services, information on destinations, general travel information, special offers, a booking engine etc. In addition to that, Swiss International Air Lines also addresses potential employees, investors, the media, and the general public with information on career paths and job offerings, financial statements, news releases etc.

The gTLD .swiss caters to a variety of beneficiaries: both current and potential private and individual customers, individual business customers and corporate accounts, potential employees, investors, as well as the general public represented through the media.

Customers and potential customers use the online presence of Swiss International Air Lines to explore and select destinations for vacation, find background information on requirements and security procedures related to air travel, and in particular compare prices, available seats, routes, flight schedules, and check-in. They also interact with Swiss International Air Lines via their numerous contact channels, including social media.

Business customers and corporate accounts, who represent the most profitable target group for Swiss International Air Lines, use the online presence of Swiss International Air Lines to research flight connections or lounge locations, book flights, or manage their loyalty scheme account and redeem bonus miles in the Swiss International Air Lines online shop. This group also takes advantage of personalized convenience functions, such as convenient ways to book recently booked or frequently booked trips again.

Potential employees use the online presence of Swiss International Air Lines to find out about current job openings, career paths, and application procedures. They typically also explore financial statements and press releases to find out more about the competitive situation and financial outlook of the company. The entire web presence also serves as a decisive means for getting an impression of the company, its culture, and attitudes.

Investors use the online presence of Swiss International Air Lines to access financial reports, relevant statistics, such as traffic reports, press releases and other company- or industry-related information.

The media uses the online presence of Swiss International Air Lines to access current press releases, official image material, research background information on the company and the industry and get in touch with the media relations team.

Swiss International Air Lines expects the number of domains registered under its .swiss gTLD to grow as follows:
Year 1: 2,500 domains
Year 2: 2,900 domains
Year 3: 3,300 domains
Year 4: 3,500 domains
Year 5: 3,700 domains
Year 6: 3,900 domains
Year 7: 4,100 domains
Year 8: 4,300 domains
Year 9: 4,500 domains
Year 10: 4,700 domains

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