18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

Prototypical answer:

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.ARTAremi Group S.A.steptoe.comView

Applicant believes that .ART is a natural progression of an existing momentum in the relationship between the arts and the Internet and that the .ART TLD shall be a new home for all who feel an affinity for the creative. Artists themselves will be able to flourish and promote their works of self-expression, while observers, critics, or academics will be able to discourse on and appreciate the arts, dealers and agents will be able to use this specialized arts-related TLD space to offer the sale of creative works and experiences, and finally corporations will have a unique opportunity to showcase their art collections and arts-related promotional campaigns. This shall provide to the marketplace a trusted repository for all creative industries and pastimes. Sample uses for registrants could include promotion and sale of all genres of arts, such as: musical and dance performances; creative crafts; information on local and international arts initiatives; virtual displays; fusions of art and science; fundraising for arts-related organizations; and critical and academic perspectives.

In an evolving world highly focused on technological advancement and functionality, the .ART TLD seeks to provide a platform for users seeking transcendent experiences touching all the senses. The .ART TLD does not attempt to define art or judge its quality, but shall strive to provide a forum through which users can explore and exchange ideas about all forms of art, as well as connect with others seeking a similar forum.

Question No. 18(c)(i):

Multiple applications for a particular domain name will be resolved on a ʺfirst-come, first-servedʺ basis once they have satisfied the relevant eligibility requirements. Eligibility evaluations will also be conducted on a “first-come, first served” basis on the order of submission of the application.

Question No. 18(c)(ii):

Applicant plans to offer domain name registrations at the wholesale price of USD $40.00. At this time, Applicant has no specific plans to offer additional pricing discounts.

Question No. 18(c)(iii):

At this time, Applicant plans to review domain name registration rates on an annual basis and will make determinations at that time regarding pricing adjustments, depending upon market factors. Thus, at this time, Applicant does not plan to make specific guarantees regarding pricing increases.

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