18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.ARTAremi Group S.A.steptoe.comView

Mission and Purpose

.ART is about art, all forms of art – performing, visual, literary and fine. If it is creative, it is .ART.

.ART is also about access to art, and is a place in which to discover and experience art. This pure focus is designed to generate significant opportunity for all who love the arts.

In .ART there will be no noise, just art.

For example, let’s say you are looking for information on Richard Smith, the English painter and printmaker. Through a general Internet search, you will not now immediately find readily available information about this artist. You would, however, find troves of information about Richard Smith the “finger picking virtuoso,” Richard Smith the “creative strategy consultant,” and Richard Smith the “Wales international rugby union player.” The results are overwhelming, confusing and time consuming.

The .ART TLD will remedy this. The .ART search will quickly zero in on the right Richard Smith – pure focus delivering the opportunity to locate the desired content.

The .ART TLD shall be a practical, accessible destination on the Internet to which patrons of the arts can navigate as a resource, knowing the central function of the domain is to foster and promote the arts. Again, in .ART, there will be no noise, just art.

Applicant sees the presence of a specialized TLD for the arts as all the more important considering the Internet has long been a home for innovators and visionaries – for those who are inspired not only to create new ideas, but to imagine the many layers of new connections made possible by sharing and discussing these ideas – if only they had the proper communication tools. From the architecture of the Internet itself, to the visual design of websites, to the individual words and images comprising them, the fundamental building blocks of our information networks are infused with creative thought, and it is this expectation of creativity – of originality – that keeps us searching for all that will come next: a new release by a favorite author, an unexpected plot twist in a television drama, the latest blends of melodies and lyrics by a musical artist, the discovery of a previously unknown work by a painter who lived centuries ago, or the creation of an entirely new genre of art from today’s generation of artists.

The mission of .ART is to provide a unique online space in which creatively-inclined members of the Internet community, individuals and institutions alike, can share their works and ideas with those seeking creative content. Its purpose is, in time, to become the premier online destination for such creators and their broad spectrum of users. Domain names shall be available globally, though Applicant’s initial marketing efforts will be predominantly directed to .ART potential registrants in the United States and Europe. Applicant will conduct research in additional international markets following delegation of the TLD with a goal of expanding its international presence and ensuring artistic inclusion. Ultimately, Applicant plans to serve as much of the global Internet community as possible while operating a viable and ICANN-compliant registry business.

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