22 Describe proposed measures for protection of geographic names at the second and other levels in the applied-for gTLD

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22.1 Protection of geographic names at the second and other levels

Rezolve Group will follow published ICANN guidelines and will reserve and not use any second level and higher domain names that have been set aside by ICANN. In cases where there is a conflict between a reserved name and a legitimate entity or use, Rezolve Group will seek permission to use the name from ICANN or the responsible authoritative entity.

With specific focus on geographic names, Rezolve Group, Inc. would like to reserve the right to allow the use of geographic names when the geographic name is especially relevant and necessary to distinguish and identify the products, rules, and deadlines surrounding financial aid that has been uniquely established by and for that geographic entity. For example, a resident of Texas might go to Texas.FINANCIALAID to research all the programs, scholarships, and deadlines for which they are eligible and to find out which colleges participate in those programs. Just like resident of Denmark might start at Denmark.FINANCIALAID to research options at Danish universities.

We welcome and encourage the responsible entities within these geographic entities to work with us to ensure that we have included all the information they would like families and students to have. It is our intent to cooperate and work closely with geographic entities to ensure that the entities see our domain as a positive and helpful way of presenting their policies, programs, and offerings. If required by ICANN, we will acquire their written permission prior to using their geographic name.

It is important to understand that each geographic region has important information somewhere on their sites in a format and language that is unique to that site. On the .FINANCIALAID domain, we will synthesize that information and present it in a consistent, complete, and relevant framework so that it is easy for families and students to understand and compare different opportunities and programs. Only an independent third party such as Rezolve Group is able to do this across all the geographic and political boundaries. The value to families of having this data synthesized and organized in this fashion cannot be understated. Our years of dealing with families has revealed that the disparate ways information is presented is a significant barrier to navigating the financial aid process.

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