18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.financialaidRezolve Group, Inc.studentaidservice.comView

18c. Operating rules to eliminate or minimize social costs and other steps to minimize negative consequences⁄costs imposed upon consumers

As a closed registry, protecting the privacy and confidential information of registrants will not be an issue since there are no public registrants. Rezolve Group, Inc. will have full authority over user privacy and user confidentiality controls within this domain. Rezolve Group, Inc. will also have control over the accuracy and presentation of the content provided. Users can expect familiarity with content and user interface as they move from page to page within this domain. Sites will be fully functional with active and valid links to provide users with useful 3rd party content.

Another benefit to users of a closed domain is that this gTLD will not allow dishonest or misleading content of any kind. Because students and families are desperate for financial aid information, they often fall prey to dishonest or other misleading services. Users will be able to access the content of this domain knowing that all information is accurate and that all services offered are legitimate and valuable.
The only financial cost that an Internet user may incur would be if he or she elects to use a service offered on the domain and chooses to pay the associated fee. Rezolve will ensure that industry best practices are in place as it relates to the use, collection and storage of credit card information.

18. (c).1 Multiple application resolution

Multiple applications for the same domain name will never be an issue. Rezolve Group will assign all domain names and internally will use its best judgment to resolve conflicts so that the domain space and users are best served. We are planning on using a consistent naming algorithm when selecting domain names for institution, topic specific sites and content so that users will feel familiarity with finding and identifying content.

18. (c).2 Cost benefits to registrants

This question doesn’t apply to the .FINANCIALAID domain based on our intended utilization of the registry. Rezolve Group will be the only registrant and will allow use of domain names based on business decisions and decisions to promote a more complete, robust, and authoritative domain.

18.(c).3 Price Escalation

This question also doesn’t apply to the .FINANCIALAID domain based on our intended utilization of the registry. There is no direct charge for the use of domain names. The use will be a possible benefit of having a business relationship with Rezolve Group. The fees, if any, charged in that business arrangement will be inclusive of many possible services and the pricing will be negotiate as a complete package.

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