18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.financialaidRezolve Group, Inc.studentaidservice.comView

18.(b). Introduction

The .FINANCIALAID gTLD will benefit Internet users by providing a new space to find accurate, complete and personally-relevant information. The information that will be compiled on the proposed gTLD will create competition through consolidation, personalization, customization and accuracy of the information. Internet users will benefit from the trust they will develop in the content found on this domain as the best location on the internet to find the information they need to understand and apply for financial aid.

18.(b).1 The goal of proposed gTLD in terms of areas of specialty, service levels and reputation.

The goal of the proposed gTLD is to build an authoritative domain that provides all the resources needed to research and identify a families available financial aid options. And for the last 5 years, Rezolve Group, Inc. has provided innovative enrollment enhancement and student aid solutions to the higher education industry. We have focused on simplifying the way that students and parents think about, and access information concerning, how to pay for college. We have created innovative ways to compare the costs and benefits of multiple college education options on an apples-to-apples basis. We have also helped schools differentiate themselves by providing services that effectively simplify the financial aid process for students, significantly reduce the amount of time that is spent on understanding and completing the necessary forms and procedures and give the school an opportunity to showcase their unique school profile and value of attending that institution. By using our services, schools have demonstrated to prospective students that an education at their school is more than just about price but it includes a number of other factors that contribute to a successful college experience. These services have proven to dramatically increase the number and quality of students attending these institutions.

18.(b).1.1 Areas of specialty

Financial aid in terms of U.S. post-secondary education will be the first focus of the proposed gTLD. Currently the information regarding financial aid is spread throughout the internet on .com, .edu, .gov, .us, .net, .org and a number of other types of domains. Because the information is located and maintained by a variety of organizations, the current space is disjointed and suffers from a lack of consistency that often provides conflicting information to end users. For example, when searching student aid deadlines on a search engine you are presented with an array of different information. A user would see “.gov” sites that give information on the federal deadlines for the FAFSA form. A user would also see a “.com” site that provides a list of state student aid deadlines. There would also be a number of institutions that report school-specific deadlines on individual “.edu” websites. Users currently must sift through this information to try to understand what they are looking for; once they understand whether they are looking for a federal, state or institution deadline, they must determine which website they can trust to supply that piece of information correctly. The goal of this gTLD is to give users a place that not only helps them understand what types of deadlines they should be aware of but also helps them find each deadline that impacts their individual situation.

The domain may be expanded to other countries and other areas of financial aid as the need and opportunity grows. The areas of specialty that may be included within the umbrella of financial aid under this domain could grow to include the student financial aid systems that are operated in countries throughout the world. It may also include types of financial aid that are not directly tied to financial aid for educational purposes such as military aid programs, home loan programs and other financial aid programs that assist in all areas of the financial world.

18.(b).1.2 Service Levels

Users will experience familiarity with content presentation and user interface as they move from page to page within this domain. Sites will be fully functional with active and valid links to provide users with useful 3rd party content.

18.(b).1.3 Reputation

The goal of this gTLD is to develop the reputation as the most trusted and accurate one-stop-shop for the information needed to understand all options for federal, state and institutional student financial aid.
Students are often confused by the intricacies of the student financial aid process. The process can be complicated by the multiple deadlines, forms and programs that may or may not apply depending on the student’s individual situation. This domain will provide the information that students need to know in order to quickly and easily understand and act on the financial aid programs that correspond to them. By providing this value added service to many students with unique situations and from unique geographies, we intend to build upon our reputation as the leader in the space of financial aid information whatever your individual situation may be.

i.18.(b).2 Anticipated additions to current space in terms of competition, differentiation or innovation by adding proposed gTLD.

18(b).2.1 Competition

Rezolve group anticipates that the proposed gTLD will add significantly to the competition experienced within the current space. Much of the information that will be found on the domain is currently located in many different locations on the Internet such as governmental sites, educational institution sites, and other informational sites. This domain adds competition through consolidation, personalization, customization and accuracy of the information. This domain will provide students and families a method to simply and easily understand and take action on the myriad of information that is available to them. By providing individually-relevant and comparable information in one consolidated location the .FINANCIALAID domain will compete and surpass the other sources for financial aid information within the current space.

18.(b).2.2 Differentiation

Websites in this domain will contain accurate and useful information that has a consistency across the entire domain such that users will be able to compare and contrast information in a way that is not possible today. Additionally, navigation throughout the domain will be more intuitive and consistent so that search results can be more accurate and users able to anticipate where content will be.

Rezolve Group’s goal is that the .FINANCIALAID domain will also include forums and blogs that give users the option to interact with experts and other users. Rezolve Group will work to establish, sponsor, and encourage topic specific forums and blogs. Rezolve will also enforce permissible content and comment policies to ensure that the information and advice provided in these forums and blogs meet the accuracy and relevancy standards that establish the authoritative reputation of this domain.

18.(b).2.3 Innovation

Rezolve Group anticipates the proposed gTLD will add to the current space in terms of innovation by changing the way students and families approach their search for financial aid.
In the United States, most students apply for post-secondary education many months before they begin thinking about financial aid. Our goal is to innovate in this space with our proposed gTLD by creating a new web space that turns this process around and changes how students and families think about the financial aid process. We plan to provide online resources that will save students time, help them make sound decisions and be more prepared to enter post-secondary education without fear of how they will pay for a full education. The first step to creating this new innovative web space is to facilitate student understanding of the types and sources of financial aid available: federal, state, military, institutional, employer, private and tax-based. As students begin to apply for school they will be able to start to make better informed decisions by making their application decisions in light of how much aid they are estimated to receive at each school to which they apply.

The Rezolve Group currently has the technology to provide this type of information through the school relationships we have built over time, as well as through our innovative product set that we have created with the idea of improving this process in mind. After students use this information to apply for school, they will also be much better suited to make their final acceptance decision as they will have a much clearer picture of the financial aid they will receive at each institution. As this domain expands and is more fully integrated with college and university partners of Rezolve, this domain may become the location where you not only come to research and understand financial aid but also the place where students come to complete all pieces of their financial aid process in one streamlined, user-friendly and time-saving application.

18.(b).3 User Experience
Our goals with this proposed gTLD in terms of user experience is to provide a more intuitive and navigable domain for students, families and others who are seeking financial aid. Our goal for this proposed gTLD is to become generally accepted as the most reputable and authoritative location to find and understand student financial aid. Users will experience a consistent interface that provides accurate, up to date and relevant information across the realms of federal, state, military and institutional financial aid sources. They will not be exposed to scams, misleading content, incorrect information or dishonest service offerings.
Rezolve Group is also committed to providing robust and universally available content by evaluating all sites for web accessibility best practices as defined by W3.org. Whenever possible, we will direct content to be displayed in a manner that makes it accessible by assistive devices with alternatives that include full mouse and keyboard navigation as well as text to speech readers. Where full web accessibility is limited, we will seek to develop alternative pages that can make as much of that content available as possible.

Rezolve Group will require that all common browsers be supported in as much as the browser is supported and patched for security vulnerabilities by a legitimate entity and has a measureable user base. This current list would include Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome™, FireFox®, Safari®, and Opera®.

Another goal for the proposed domain is to provide the information contained in this domain in multiple languages to facilitate the use and acceptance of this domain. Within the United States there are populations in which languages, like Spanish and Mandarin, are the user’s native language and they would better be able to understand the subtleties of financial rules, applications, and deadlines if the information was presented in their native language. Additionally, any expansion in other countries would require that content be presented in the languages commonly used in that country.

18.(b).4 Intended Registration Policies

As a single registrant, closed registry the registration policies will be greatly simplified. Rezolve Group will be the registrant for all domain names. All registrations will either be used exclusively by Rezolve Group as part of its ongoing business and services or they will be released to clients or partners of Rezolve Group in order for those entities to integrate relevant content and sites into the domain. Rezolve Group, as the registrant, can remove any content or offers that it feels are in conflict with the established goals and doctrines of the domain.

Question 29 describes Rezolve Group’s proposed policies for Sunrise, Use of Trademark Clearing House, and Dispute Resolution. However, Rezolve Group’s sunrise policy will only ensure that a SLD will be reserved and not used without an entities permission. Rezolve Group would retain sole discretion at to which SLDs are active in the domain.
Reserved Names - Rezolve Group will follow published ICANN guidelines and will reserve and not use any second level and higher domain names that have been set aside by ICANN. In cases where there is a conflict between a reserved name and a legitimate entity or use, Rezolve Group will seek permission to use the name from ICANN or the authoritative entity responsible for allowing the use of that name. Rezolve Group will reserve any names coming from the Sunrise policy.

Rezolve Group will also determine and set aside a block of second level domain (SLD) names for global and generic use by Rezolve Group within the domain. Some examples of these are help.finanacialaid, index.financialaid, map.financialaid and start.financialaid, etc. Rezolve Group will also closely monitor evolving trends in common generic SLDs and implement those to ensure consistency with the new gTLD landscape.
Landrush general availability – There will be no landrush or general availability of SLDs in this domain. Rezolve Group will be the sole registrant of all SLDs. Rezolve Group will reserve the full right to register or not register SLDs. Rezolve Group will evaluate each potential SLD as to whether it will enhance the domain and benefit the users.
18.(b).5 Measures for protecting the privacy or confidential information of registrants or users.

As a single registrant, closed registry, protecting the privacy and confidential information of registrants will not be an issue. Rezolve Group, Inc. will have full authority over user privacy and user confidentiality controls within this domain. Rezolve Group will monitor the privacy standards of all sites in this domain to ensure that best practices for privacy protection standards are met.

Rezolve treats web site security just as seriously as a financial institution and has implemented a defense-in-depth security model utilizing industry best practices. We have state-of the art monitoring, prevention, and active response systems to guard against external and internal attacks as well as 24x7 monitoring of all data in motion. Additionally, MacAfee Secure performs exhaustive, daily penetration tests on our systems. We maintain their highest level of certification as well as being fully PCI certified. With these high data security standards, users will have the confidence not only to trust the content provided on this domain but also to provide information when necessary. These best practices will apply to all information collected from all sites in this domain.

The privacy policy http:⁄⁄www.mymilitaryaid.com⁄privacy.html is generally representative of the privacy policies on the websites that Rezolve Group, Inc. currently maintains. Our privacy policies may be updated from time to time in order to accommodate changes in the law, changes in our business, requirements of the marketplace, and evolving customer orientation. Such updates could have the effect of either narrowing the scope of the policy or broadening it, depending on prevailing circumstances. We will consider this as the standard requirement for all sites on the domain.

18.(b).6 Outreach and communications methods to achieve project benefits.

Rezolve Group, Inc. currently partners with over 700 colleges and university campus. These relationships will be leveraged to notify current and prospective students of the benefits of the resources and service available in the .FINANCIALAID gTLD. We expect organic traffic from users of these, and other, school sites. One of the large benefits that will be available through this proposed gTLD is the integration with educational institutions to simplify the financial aid process for students and parents at that school. Specific outreach to our school partners will be executed in order to make them aware of this new opportunity that will be available through this new domain.

Although Rezolve Group, Inc. plans to offer fee based services, there will also be a multitude of information that will be available free of charge to the public. Rezolve Group, Inc. will engage in a similar business model to many successful services in which we will offer substantial amounts of information and guidance for free with the option for users to upgrade for a fee to a full-service, individualized version of the product or service.

Additionally, many of the students that need assistance with acquiring financial aid are the students who are least able to pay for that assistance. To address this problem, Rezolve Group, Inc. has partnered with non- profit organizations to improve college access for many low-income and needy families. Between our Access for AllTM program that is sponsored by USA Funds and our partnership with Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) we have provided free financial aid preparation and assistance services to more than 30,000 low income students in the past 2 years.
Rezolve Group currently uses SEM and SEO strategies to communicate the value of our current products and service available on our web properties. These outreach methods will continue to be utilized to communicate with our target audience – students and families seeking assistance with financial aid—the benefit of these proposed gTLD. Our plan for the proposed gTLD will be executed in a phased approach. During the first year of domain existence, Rezolve Group will focus on creating and consolidating the necessary content that will exist within the domain. The second year will focus on executing awareness activities to drive interest in the new domain. One of the main methods we will use to drive this interest in our domain may be through search engine marketing. Rezolve Group currently receives visits from over 13 million unique visitors annually. We plan to use a similar SEM strategy to increase awareness of the proposed domain.

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