18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.citadelCitadel Domain LLCcitadelgroup.comView

The content of this Answer to Question 18 set forth below which describes the plans for Applicant’s registry constitutes the “purpose” of the registry as that term is used in paragraph 1.b. of Specification 9 of the Draft New gTLD Registry Agreement found in Module 5 of the Applicant Guidebook dated January 11, 2012 (“the Purpose”). Applicant will publish its Charter and its policies, guidelines, and other supporting documentation related to the implementation of the registry consistent with the Purpose, all prior to launch. All second level domain names registered by Applicant on behalf of itself or an affiliate will be registered through an ICANN-accredited registrar and will be consistent with the Purpose.

Applicant is an a wholly-owned subsidiary of Citadel, LLC (“Citadel”). Citadel is a leading global financial institution with a diverse business platform that is built on a foundation of exceptional talent and technology. Citadel’s deep bench of talent embodies a culture of dedication and commitment.

As of March 1, Citadel funds have over $11 billion under management. Launched in 1990, Citadel Asset Management deploys capital through multiple investment strategies across the worldʹs major markets. Citadel Securities has provided outstanding service and execution capabilities to clients since 2004. Citadel Securities is one of the leading equity and options market-makers in the United States, and it is building a growing franchise in Europe. Applicant seeks to become the registry for the .citadel top level domain name. The new gTLD, .citadel, corresponds to the CITADEL trademark which is registered in the name of Applicant’s affiliate, KCG IP Holdings LLC (“KCG IP”), in various countries throughout the world. By way of example, see U.S. Reg. No. 3213943 for the CITADEL mark. See also European Union Reg. No. 2170009 and Chinese Reg. No. 6870932. Applicant will operate the .citadel registry under a trademark license from KCG IP. Citadel, KCG IP, Applicant and all of their affiliates are collectively referred to herein as the “Citadel Family”.

The .citadel registry will be a standard registry open only to Citadel and its affiliates. For the avoidance of a doubt, the registry will be closed to registrants who do not have a formal, written trademark license agreement from KCG IP specifically allowing the registration of a second level domain name in the .citadel registry (the “Required License”). The .citadel registry will not be a community-based registry and there will be no market for second level registrations outside of registrants which are affiliated with Applicant and which have the Required License.

The Purpose includes:

1. The enhancement of the CITADEL brand through being viewed as a forward thinking institution and acting in the Internet space which is consistent with how Citadel is viewed in its industry.
2. The protection of our investor base through the use of the .citadel registry to provide a safe and secure platform for the delivery of some of Citadel’s goods and services.
3. The protection of the CITADEL brand within the domain name system.

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