23 Provide name and full description of all the Registry Services to be provided

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.thaiBetter Living Management Company Limitedregistryasp.comView

The Registry shall provide Registry Services as defined below:
(i) the receipt of data from registrars concerning registrations of domain names and name servers;
(ii) provision to registrars of status information relating to the zone servers for the TLD;
(iii) dissemination of TLD zone files;
(iv) operation of the Registry zone servers;
(v) dissemination of contact and other information concerning domain name server registrations in the TLD as required by the Registry Agreement;
(vi) Internationalized Domain Names (IDN);
(vii) DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC);
(viii) WHOIS Data Watch Service;
(ix) Searchable WHOIS Service and
(x) Other products or services that the Registry Operator is required to provide because of the establishment of a Consensus Policy

The Registry will be engaging Qinetics Solutions Berhad of Malaysia as the back-end registry service provider for the new gTLD operations.

Registry System

The system is based on RegistryASP SRS Application Suite that is deployed in ccTLD Registries, namely .sg (Singapore), .hk (Hong Kong, SAR), .cd (Congo, Democratic Republic) and .my (Malaysia).

RegistryASP utilizes a ‘thick’ registry model which is EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) version 1.0 compliant, where registrant data is maintained on a central registry database as a contact set.

- Stealth DNS (Zone Generation)
The resolution of domain names is a crucial function in a registry system. The DNS system supports both IPv4 and IPv6. The stealth DNS stores the generated zone file from the database, which will undergo a complicated reconciliation process before the data is reloaded into the master zone. The Stealth DNS is hidden in the internal network and is only visible to the primary DNS server. The primary DNS server is hidden as well and is responsible for the zone transfer to external secondary DNS servers. RegistryASP has achieved 100% uptime for all country codes that they are supporting on DNS resolution. The DNS is in compliance to RFCs 1034, 1035, 1982, 2181, 2182, 2671, 3226, 3596, 3597, 4343, and 5966.

- External DNS (Zone Resolution)
The external DNS setup consists of the secondary DNS servers dedicated to resolution of the extension domain worldwide. The Secondary DNS are utilizing 2 of the main providers in the world that supports AnyCast DNS with more than 100 nodes all around the world. The provider is CommunityDNS. All zone transfer will be protected using TSIG. The DNS is in compliance to RFCs 1034, 1035, 1982, 2181, 2182, 2671, 3226, 3596, 3597, 4343, and 5966.

The Registry shall provide DNSSEC services to registrars comply with RFCs 4033, 4034, 4035, 4509 and their successors, and follow the best practices described in RFC 4641 and its successors. The DNSSEC services shall include the publishing of Delegation Signature (DS) records and signed records to the root zones of the applied TLD.

- WHOIS Services
General public can check the information of a domain name through port 43. The daemon is proven of handling millions of WHOIS queries daily for some of the ccTLD reference for RegistryASP SRS. WHOIS data watch and web based searchable WHOIS will be provided for subscribed users. The WHOIS services are highly scalable, capable of handling higher query loads and comply with RFC 3912.

- Registry Web Interface
The control panel is used by the registry operational staff to administrate domain names, registrars and other domain name data. Key features include multi-users function control, flexible product configurations, business process configurations and event-triggered alerts.

- Registrar Web Interface
A registrar can perform daily operations, channel management and transaction accounting via the web control panel. Major functions include domain, contact and host management for domain names registered under the registrar, account balance and account top-up.

- EPP Services
A standard EPP server is used to provide flexibility for registrars to automate domain registration and management. The EPP server is configured with a SSL communications link that uses the EPP version 1.0 protocol comply with RFCs 5910, 5730, 5731, 5732, 5733, 5734, 3735.

- Reporting Services
Standard reports are provided to registry and registrar staff to perform secondary check on transactions made, payment received, domain renewal and balance enquiries.

- Operational Testing and Evaluation (OT&E)
All newly accredited registrars shall reserve a time slot to access OT&E server and perform a technical test. This is to ensure that the registrar’s system is capable of registering and managing domain names in the production environment without unnecessary problems. Once a registrar passes the OT&E Test, the registrar will receive an account to access the production system to register and manage domain names.

- Security and Monitoring
The system has been proven to adhere to ISO27001 standards by Hong Kong government and compliance with Singapore government security guidelines. User access will be controlled through 3 tiers of authentication: Registrar SSL Certificate, Registrar IP Addresses and Registrar User Name⁄Password Combination. The communication link with registrar will be SSL encrypted.
Multiple firewalls will be in place to ensure multiple levels of security together with IP filtering and Intrusion Detection with Prevention. Multiple security monitoring systems will be setup within and outside of the network of the Registry System to monitor the Registry Services. Host based intruder detection system will be in place on top of hardware based intruder protection system. Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) will be installed to monitor traffic utilization in the network and each server of the Registry System.

- Data Escrow
The data will be deposited into ICANN approved escrow agent based on escrow requirements to ensure business continuity and data recovery in the unlikely event of data loss.

- Call Centre
System support and maintenance to guarantee maximum uptime shall be provided through Email and Phone to registrars. 24⁄7 technical support hotline are available in multiple languages.

- Channel Management
Client Relation Management (CRM) software is in place to manage communications and contact with the registrars.

- Other Registry Services
The registry will provide IDN domain names to the end users. The IDN will be deployed according to the IDN RFCs (5890, 5891, 5892, 5893) and the languages supported will be based on registered language tables in IANA.

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