20(b) Explain the applicant's relationship to the community identified in 20(a)

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.thaiBetter Living Management Company Limitedregistryasp.comView

BLM is a company based in Thailand. BLM receives strong support from the Thai government for the application of .thai TLD.

The Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Thailand is an important Cabinet-level department in the Government of Thailand. The Ministry is given wide ranging responsibilities over many aspects. For example the Ministry has responsibility over: the Royal Thai Police, local administrations, internal security, citizenship, disaster management, land management, issuing national identity cards and public works. The Ministry is also responsible for appointing 74 Governors of the Provinces of Thailand. A Letter of Support from the Ministry of Interior, authorized by Mr Pranai Suwanrath, the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Interior, is attached in the answer to question (f).

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) of Thailand (was established on the 3 October 2002. The Ministry envisions Thailand to become a regional center for ICT development and business. Other visions of the Ministry include:
- Enable equitable access to information for entrepreneurs and citizens;
- Direct benefits of ICT are manifested throughout the Thai economy, adding values to products and services of every sector;
- Strengthening Thailand’s competitiveness in the global market through ICT;
- Moving Thai communities towards Knowledge-based society.

A Letter of Support from the Ministry of ICT, authorized by Mr Anudith Nakornthap, the Minister of ICT, is attached in the answer to question (f).
BLM is committed to operate the .thai TLD registry according to the policy, rules and regulation as set for by the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of ICT, Thailand.

BLM will closely collaborate with THNIC – the registry operator of .TH country code TLD. BLM intends to hold joint promotion and marketing activities with THNIC for the promotion of .thai and IDN equivalent.

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