18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.RUGBYIRB Strategic Developments LImitedgmail.comView

The TLD is intended to benefit internet users by providing a designated namespace for people, entities and organizations interested in the sport of rugby.

Rugby is one of the most popular team sports in the world with more than 5.5 million registered players, made up of men and women, boys and girls, in more than 100 countries across five continents. The International Rugby Board (“IRB”) is the global governing body for the sport. IRB membership currently totals 97 Member Unions in full membership, 20 Associate Members and six Regional Associations.
Rugby has been transformed into a global network around which vast stadia have been built, an intricate administrative structure created and complex strategies devised. Rugby Union, in common with any activity which attracts the interest and enthusiasm of all kinds of people, has many sides and faces.
Apart from the playing of the game and its ancillary support, rugby embraces a number of social and emotional concepts such as courage, loyalty, sportsmanship, discipline and teamwork.

The IRB is at the forefront of protecting and promoting those qualities and the unique spirit enjoyed by those involved in the game.

The .rugby TLD will be an Internet space, under control of the IRB, to allow the distribution and exchange of information and entertainment relevant to rugby, by means of, but not limited to, websites, social networks, email and other technologies that will reside within the .rugby domain name space. The IRB intends for .rugby names to be registered and used by persons and entities who maintain an affinity towards the sport of rugby. However, .rugby domain registrations will not be restricted to such persons and entities – anyone can register a .rugby domain name.

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