18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

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.sexInternet Marketing Solutions Limitedjepekmarketing.comView


The following have been identified as goals of the .sex TLD are as follows:



One of the goals of the .sex TLD is to develop the reputation as an easily recognisable TLD for the global audience related to this key word⁄industry. The goal is to have registrants and internet users immediately identify with the TLD and be aware of what the content will relate to.

The TLD will initially be targeted toward the adult industry from a marketing perspective, but will be open for general registration to registrants who want to communicate to internet users that content on their site relates to sex in some way.

For target market calculations, IMSL to be conservative have only considered registration volumes in terms of the adult industry, but foresee further possibilities that relate to the sexual health and other sex related industries as noted previously.

In order to ensure that general worldwide values are upheld and to provide additional confidence to the community, any registrant will be required warrant they are over the age of 18 to register a domain name in the .sex TLD. Similarly, the .sex TLD will be priced slightly higher than other current TLDs which is seen as another method of discouraging cybersquatters and other ‘bad actors’.

The benefit to IMSL of this approach will be a healthy global perception of the .sex TLD and as such, a greater number of longer duration registrations for domain names and a more reliable registration base in terms of renewals.

This goal will be able to be measured simply by analysing sales for a particular period, which IMSL will regularly be doing in order to track the success of the TLD.

Such successful deployment of the mission of the TLD will benefit Registrants in that the overall usage of .sex as a TLD will drive traffic and improved search results toward .sex domain names. This will benefit registrants by getting internet users onto their sites and driving their web metrics or ecommerce initiatives, and subsequently the success of their websites and investment in their .sex domain names.

Consumers will benefit through immediate understanding of the likely content and purpose of a .sex domain. This is seen as benefiting end users in two ways:
– A user will either understand they have found the right site quickly; or
– A user will understand that the content in not appropriate and deviate away from the site.
This benefit will save internet users time and possible be used to shield certain information that is not the purpose of the visit to the site.

The TLD can also benefit the Internet, e-commerce and the online community by generating competition to current TLD’s and creating the more easily remembered domain names.


IMSL have a goal to build the brand of the .sex TLD to rival other current alternatives and as per the above become a well known easily identifiable namespace.

Building the brand of .sex will also work towards achieving the previous goal of creating an easily recognisable TLD.

IMSL will benefit from the achievement of this goal as domain name sales will increase and the business will receive increased revenue thus meeting the mission and purpose of the TLD to create a sustainable business.

By building the brand the .sex TLD will also have met its purpose of creating a well recognised portal for sex related content.

Consumers and internet users will benefit in much the same way as previously stated. By making it easier to understand and find the relevant domain name, IMSL hope to make it easier to find and understand the content of .sex domain names

Brand building will be achieved through the organic usage and replacement of the existing domain names in current TLDs and over time the incorporation of .sex names into existing global portfolio.

IMSL plan to market and promote the namespace in order to create awareness of the brand, which will serve to meet the goal of building the brand, but will also benefit any registrants in the .sex namespace by making internet users aware of the new TLD and thus their websites. Potentially driving traffic to their sites and creating business as a result.


IMSL have identified that making domain names within the .sex TLD available to new registrants as one of the key benefits to the global community should the .sex TLD be granted to IMSL. Experience has highlighted the lack of ‘meaningful’ domains available for the sex industry in .com and the industry does not historically identify themselves as being well represented by other current TLDs such as .net and .org. As such, this lack of availability has made it extremely difficult for new registrants to acquire domains they are seeking as well as the continued usage of low recall domains by the sex industry.

This problem has become compounded over time and resulted in highly unaffordable domains due to competition for premium names within the secondary market which further limits the ability of the industry to prosper online.

By creating the .sex namespace, IMSL intends to give registrants with interests in .sex an opportunity to register names highly valuable names in a unsaturated and memorable namespace which is seen as benefiting the internet community as a whole by creating competition; one of ICANN’s overarching drivers for the new gTLD program.


IMSL, as a new player in the market is keen to differentiate themselves through a dedication to innovation and focus on the .sex value to the community. IMSL understand that with the introduction of numerous new TLD’s the landscape of the internet is very likely to change significantly and quickly and as such, are prepared to lead and drive this global innovation with a goal to be leader in this type of industry segment TLD in the market place.

Innovation will benefit the internet community by creating differentiation in the market place, which will in turn benefit registrants as differentiation will drive traffic to their websites. An increase in traffic is likely to make the domain name more valuable, and increase the prestige of the .sex brand, creating an additional benefit for the company and its shareholders.

Internet users will benefit from innovation as innovation usually leads to an improvement in service levels or competition, both of which are considered valuable.


IMSL have an additional goal to be seen as leaders, not only of innovation, but also as a leader in the target market. By creating competition to current TLD’s and being dedicated to innovate should the opportunity or necessity arise, IMSL hope to drive significant change on the internet.

By securing the .sex TLD, IMSL intends to develop a platform by which the company can lead innovation in online content and related marketing initiatives.

Success will be achieved by using the TLD as an innovative marketing and communications tool by IMSL and actively involving itself in and adding to the development of the Internet. As Internet usage evolves and new TLDs emerge, it is IMSL’s intention to be a leader in this new era of the Internet’s development.


This is the major driver behind the IMSL application for .sex. As stated IMSL are dedicated to innovation, both in terms of business and for the internet as a whole. By creating the .sex TLD IMSL have a goal to increase competition on the internet. By offering a choice for registrants and names that are currently not available, IMSL believe this competition will create higher levels of service and better products for registrants and internet users.

Simply by creating and delegating the .sex TLD competition will be created in the namespace.

In the same respect .sex will create competition, this very competition and name availability is the differentiation the TLD will create for registrants and internet users.


IMSL anticipate that the greatest contribution the .sex TLD will add to the namespace will be the choice and competition it creates. This is discussed directly above, but it is worthwhile addressing this point again, as IMSL recognise this as one of ICANN’s major goals for the program. IMSL are in total agreement with ICANN on this point and believe it is past time for greater competition in relation to choice for registrants. IMSL also recognise this has the potential to directly benefit the company as a consequence, and as such have a vested interest in the this particular TLD. However more importantly IMSL agree with the principle behind the decision to open generic names and create much needed competition.

This competition is the very driver for this application and is the biggest contribution the .sex TLD will offer to the current space.

On top of this IMSL are committed to innovation for online businesses, which it hopes will lead to greater service levels and easier navigation online for internet users and consumers.


In having a goal of competition as a driver for the TLD, IMSL have decided to have no specific eligibility criteria, other than a requirement that the registrant warrant they are over 18 to register a .sex Domain name. This is consistent with the mission and purpose of the TLD to create a sustainable online business, but also supports the goals identified above to create easier, more recognisable names, and build a solid, long lasting brand platform and community perception of the TLD.

The name space will be initially marketed to the Adult entertainment industry but as a result of the policy stated above, will not prevent other registrants who have an interest in acquiring a .sex domain name to do so but the supporting marketing with be specifically aimed at the Adult Industry.

No restrictions will be placed on content or use of a Domain within the .sex TLD, save that registrants will be required to warrant that their use of .sex domain names is not inconsistent with legislation in force in their jurisdiction. A anti abuse policy will be in place as described in the answer for Q28. Trademark Protection will take place at launch via the TMCH and Trademark claims service and post-launch via the URS and UDRP, as described in response to Q29.


The .sex TLD will not be requesting any additional information above current standard WhoIs.

The Outreach and Communications activities for .sex will involve both above and below the line activities and include such things as:
– TV, Media and Print advertising
– Billboards and outdoor advertising
– Sponsorship of events or activities
– Digital marketing, adwords, banners, etc
– Direct email marketing
– Direct contact with specified Industry members
– Online and Social Media marketing
– Speaking engagements and PR based activities
– Registrar co-branded marketing initiatives

The outreach and communications options listed above will assist the TLD in achieving the goals and benefits listed above, by creating an awareness of the TLD in the relevant market segments and by targeting the beneficiaries in such a way as to promote the TLD and clearly explain the difference between the .sex TLD and its competitors.

Other options will be to make the general public aware of the TLD and drive queries to the relevant .sex related domains, thus creating benefits for registrants.

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