18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.sexInternet Marketing Solutions Limitedjepekmarketing.comView


The Mission and Purpose of the .sex TLD will primarily be to create a viable and sustainable domain name sales business, based upon a dedicated strategy and focus from the applicant that aims to provide an online space for the adult entertainment and associated industries for many years to come. The anticipated success will be reinvested into the brand of .sex to continue to promote .sex as the ultimate destination of sex based content on the internet – an easily recognisable online identifier that demonstrates a site’s relationship to the industry and desire to be associated clearly with this long standing and global community.

The .sex TLD will target the adult entertainment industry and indeed the wider and multiple market segments that can also identify to this TLD, offering an alternative to today’s current TLDs. This includes, but is not limited to various industry sectors such as sexual health, abuse prevention and education and free speech.

In doing so, the .sex TLD will create a clearly recognisable namespace and associated branding identity that is related to sex-related information, products and services and as such, expects to attract significant interest from the global online community. This is further seen to be a valuable project for the domain name industry, due to:

– Significantly limited availability of sex related domains in .com.
– The large number of sub-industries that relate to .sex.
– The lack of clear brand identity and community⁄industry engagement from current TLDs such as .xxx.

The applicant Internet Marketing Solutions Limited (IMSL) has conducted research into the industry as a whole and has significant experience in this industry accumulated over many years. This experience and figures gathered from this research suggest that revenue for the industry, in the US alone, is estimated at approximately USD13billion. Given that much of this is generated via the internet, there is significant evidence and confidence that the .sex TLD will be a viable and long lasting business opportunity due to its global appeal and historical affinity with the internet.

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