18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

Prototypical answer:

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.lifeXiamen 35.com Technology Co.,Ltd35.cnView

Xiamen 35.com Technology Co., Ltd aims to apply for .Life top-level domain name and become .Life registry.

1. What do we think of .Life?

a). Life is a generic word. Even people in non-English native language can easily know the meaning.

b). Life is easy to remember, brandable and personally promoted. Every .life registrant could share, show, record, promote, and enjoy their life at .Life site.

c). we donʹt see .Life just a domain name. We figure it will lose the value if it is just an online identity. People can choose hundreds of online identities, such as .Name, .Tel, .Me - not to mention with the new gTLD program introduced, hundreds of .new domain names extensions will be introduced into the market. As such, Xiamen 35.com Technology Co., Ltd will need to innovate with new domain name features to attract users.

d). after some analysis and investigation, we decide to create a new online platform for .life. How does this idea come up? Every registrant wants to have an online presence. They need to 1). Register a domain name, 2).Configure the DNS, 3).Subscribe to a hosting service, 4). Configure CMS software (or else, they upload files by themselves.). After these 4 steps, finally they have their online presence. It is not easy for non-tech savvy users to go through the 4 steps above. We recognize this is an opportunity for us. If we shorten the 4 steps to 1, users would just need to register a .life domain and are offered by all the other essential products to create an online presence at the same time. The users donʹt need to have any domain name knowledge or technical background. They can easily create an online web presence with .life.

e). With the bundled products offer in one platform for .life users, we find the market is considerably bigger. People who used to register domain names to create an online presence are tech-savvy. But now ANYONE can have an online presence. In addition, users may forget their “facebook.com⁄yourname”, or the worse “http:⁄⁄user.qzone.qq.com⁄215452121⁄infocenter”. “Yourname.life” would help users create an easy way to remember online presence.

2. The mission of .Life registry: .life registryʹs mission is to make everyone has a unique online presence to share, show, record, promote, and enjoy their daily life.

3. The purpose of .Life registry:

a). Complying with ʺTop-Level Domain Application - Terms and Conditionsʺ (Module 6 of the guidebook), Xiamen 35.com Technology Co., Ltd wish to succeed in the domain name registry business and create social benefit for the both the online and offline community;

b). Introducing .Life, we can increase the choice and competition in domain name industry for users. We also intend to create an innovative platform for .life users using Xiamen 35.com Technology Co., Ltd existing products. For example, online games, email hosting, office automation tools, etc.

c). Xiamen is one of the pioneer of domain name industry in China. There are lots of domain name registrars and good domainers in Xiamen. We believe the .life domain name will become a brand or symbol of Xiamen.

d). We aim to establish a brand new Internet identity and differentiate ourselves in the marketing of our products and services. We even already filed an application for the trademark ʹ.Lifeʺ and .Life logo.

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