18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.helsinkiCity of Helsinkihel.fiView

The new gTLD domain .helsinki will improve the findability of the City web pages and help both visitors and residents to find the information, citizen’s participation possiblities and services provided by the City.

The new gTLD will help the City of Helsinki to enhance the attractiveness of the City as an investment item, as the operation environment of businesses as well as a tourist attraction and a venue of events. It will help the residents to find information about the decision making, find possibilities to influence the decision makers and to participate in the planning processes.

The new gTLD will improve the findability of the City web pages. It will also make it possible to give new, more understandable domain names to the various city services.

The City will create new, short, understandable domain names, which describe the City services, instead of describing the organisational units and their abbreviations. For example, names like “health.helsinki” instead of the present names like http:⁄⁄www.hel.fi⁄hki⁄terke⁄en⁄Etusivu or “budget.helsinki” instead of http:⁄⁄www.hel.fi⁄hki⁄taske⁄en⁄City+Economy. The new domain names will be administered in the City of Helsinki Economic and Planning Centre, IT department, in collaboration with the City of Helsinki Administration Centre, Communications Office.

The Communications Office of the City Administration Centre will help to create and administer the new domain names. The Communications Office will inform the citizens about the City web pages and services and their new names through press releases, brochures and other publications as well as on the web pages.

The domain name adds security as well, because once established our citizens can trust that content under .helsinki is official and trustworthy. Currently we have many domains with the name Helsinki in it, such as www.helsinki200.fi and www.helsinkiopas.com, but out of which it is difficult for the user to know if the site is part of the official pages or provided by some other party than the city.

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