18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.gdnJoint Stock Company ʺNavigation-information systemsʺnis-glonass.ruView

JSC “NIS” had joint ventured with senior and experienced market players from domain registry business hence to provide a stable and secure registry system for registrants to register and manage their domain names. All registration requests will be treated as first-come first serve basis after the Landrush period.
JSC “NIS” will also establish additional website for facilitate .gdn registrant to provide their comments and share experience of using .gdn registry system. All received registrant’s comments will be review and answer by dedicated technical support and RND team. These comments and feedback will help to JSC “NIS” to maintain, improve registry system and deliver innovative solutions to registrants in future.
Wholesale Pricing

The .gdn as a Registry sets the wholesale price that it charges the registrars and the terms for which registrations are available. Registrars set retail prices and each registrar may have a different retail prices. Registrars are free to bundle registrations with other products or services along with .gdn provided webmail one free account.

The registry does not charge a separate fee for any authentication in event that it is required. The registration wholesale fee includes the cost of any authentication.

The registry may change the wholesale price at any time by providing 60 (Sixty) days notice to registrars. The whole price may vary according to policies set by .gdn for promotion programs, bulk name registration and so on.

The registry, in its discretion, may provide refunds to registrars in the event that a registered name is revoked due to any reason.
Fees anticipated for each .gdn domain name registered will be consistent with those currently charged registering names. The list price for per name registered will be US$15.
Estimated retail prices and discounts that will be displayed on the .gdn official website:
The following estimated prices and discount will be offered by .gdn registrar website to registrants,
Registration of ONLY the .gdn TLD for one year = USD 15.00
With one webmail account Free of charge
Registration of ONLY the .gdnT LD for two years (2 x 15 =30) -20% = USD 24.00
With 2 webmail accounts Free of charge
Registration of ONLY the .gdn TLD for five years (5 x 15 = 75) -30%= USD 52.50
With 3 webmail accounts Free of charge

The .gdn as registry will welcome bulk buying domain from registrants thus intend to provide following discounts,

Number of Domain Names Cost
Buying 1 (one) USD 15.00
Buying 2(Two) 5% discount
Buying 3 (Three) 8% discount
Buying 4 (Four) 11% discount
Buying 5 (Five) 14% discount
Buying 6 (Six) 17% discount
Buying 7 (Seven) 20% discount
Buying 8 (Eight) 23% discount
Buying 9 (Nine) 26% discount
Buying 10 (Ten) and above 29% discount

Illustration: In the event, registrant has registered 2 domains,

1 - “A” Domain for 2 Years = USD 24.00
2- “ B” Domain for 5 Years = USD 52.50
Total = USD 76.50
3- Bulk buying discount = -8%
Total Invoice Value = USD 70.38

Registrants discount policies shall also vary from time to time based on the registry’s promotion programs.
Renewal projections assume gradual reduction in the number of .gdn domain names declining by 40% -50% per annum. The decay rate is reported by Web Commerce Communications Limited (WEBCC), an ICANN accredited registrar, WEBCC which manages over 700,000 domain names through estimated 2000 active resellers at over 50 countries
Hence, the .gdn registry will be thinking one step ahead by introducing special discount renewal benefits to registrants such as providing extra webmail accounts with additional storage space, more than 500 email sending possibilities per day and added contact managements features etc.

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