18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.gdnJoint Stock Company ʺNavigation-information systemsʺnis-glonass.ruView

The goal of .gdn is to introduce new indentify on World Wide Web for GNSS products manufacturer, resellers, service provider, institutes, other associated activates and users with no physical boundaries, JSC “NIS” ability and resources to market to the entire world. Innovative marketing plans and pricing contracts have been designed to retain customers and reward them for additional referrals. In addition, JSC “NIS” wants to be an asset for GNSS industry and users, same time to Internet community.

1.0 Market Analysis:

Our marketing and demographic data is based on accepted historical data and current projections of future market trends. This data has been compiled from standard industry sources.

1.1 Industry Analysis - GNSS Global Market Overview: (Reported by GSA): The GNSS market is the market of products and services using GNSS based positioning and navigation as a significant enabler. When assessing the size of the market for multi-purpose products like mobile phones, a correction factor is taken into account to reflect only the (retail) value of the parts related to positioning and navigation, for example:
• PND: 100% of retail value as GNSS is the key enabler;
• GNSS-enabled phone: For the core market, only the value of chipsets, maps and navigation software is counted. For the enabled market, the full retail value of the phone is counted;
• Subscription to a GNSS-enabled location based service such as local search:
100% of retail value;
• Precision agriculture system: only the retail value of the GNSS receivers, the maps and the navigation software is counted.

1.1.1 GNSS core market vs. enabled market:
The core market include only the parts of the retail value of the product and services that are attributable to GNSS, e.g. chipset, maps, navigation software.
The enabled market includes the full retail value of the GNSS-enabled platform, e.g. in Location based Services mobile device and online .

1.1.2 Four market segments covered
• The following segments have been selected as they represent the largest volume of users and⁄or public benefits.
• Road: including PND and in-vehicle systems
• LBS: including GNSS-enabled mobile phones and services
• Agriculture: including low and high technology
• Aviation: including GNSS devices for commercial and general aviation

LBS market is experiencing a most rapid growth in GNSS business, online and mobile devices are the most developed area in LBS activities. Mapping API, life service Point of Interest, Micro blogging compatibility, group-buying plug-in were introduced into API. As the result of ever enriched off-line information, application content became enormously appealing for end-users. LBS user’s activity has risen above than 20% in compare 2010. The usage and recognition of LBS features become positive factors to the industrial development.

2.0 Industry forecast

BIA⁄Kelsey issued a forecast that predicted small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) will spend the vast majority of their marketing budgets on digital advertising, performance-based platforms and customer retention business solutions by 2015.

Trademark growths illustrate the demand of brand name domain and there required protection on World Wide Web.

GNSS associated business activities and technology growth simultaneously will develop various new dimension demands in internet media.

2.1 GNSS Market Forecast
• Core GNSS market will reach €165 billion by 2020
• In Europe only LBS handset sales make up the majority of GNSS device sales, about 174 million in 2020 and 200 million GNSS devices shipped every year by 2016.
• Penetration of GNSS in road sector will exceed 50% in the European Union already in 2012 and will continue to grow up to 87% in 2020. The Japanese and North American markets will reach almost 100% penetrations from 2015 and 2018 respectively.
• According to research report “World GPS Market Forecast to 2013”, it is projected that shipment of GPS devices will grow at a CAGR of more than 20% during 2011-2013 to reach around 900 Million units by 2013 itself. The accumulation of devices as well increased the demand of application market in navigation, machine control, and logistics tracking, traffic control, agriculture, robotics etc.
• GlobalMarket reported, the penetration rate of GPS Navigation Software in western countries has reached a high of 90%, and that in Japan 95%.

2.2 Impact
GNSS industry penetration simultaneous will hike growth in GNSS all business segment such as OEM hardware manufacturers, resellers, software developments, solution providers and institutions. Beside corporate websites the location based online solution and niche marketing domain names will bring sufficient demand. Where as to find an available desirable brand or relevant activity name is already serious challenging, as well to decide from available generic top level domains bring exponentially more confusing for registrants.

Hence, JSC “NIS” believes that the potential for continued growth of domain name registrations will bring .gdn gTLD extensive demand and opportunity in GNSS industry activities related registrations.

Product and Benefits

JSC “NIS” primary intention to promote GNSS business activities and awareness worldwide and introducing .gdn new generic Top Level Domain will be an asset for GNSS industry. In fact there is not a single top level domain which cans identically represent GNSS commercial entities and activities. Most of them are become too broad in its scope and so general that it’s no longer identically stand for its original intention. Others TLDs are core in different category of business nature which are not appropriate from any course to use in GNSS relevance.

Hence, there are three main acute issues in existing arena,

1) Desirable name availability
2) TLDs to represent GNSS industry activities and awareness.
3) Unique platform to promote GNSS commercial entities.

By offering .gdn new generic top level domain in internet will enhance the visibility of GNSS products, services and all other associated activities in World Wide Web.

Purpose and benefits from .gdn new gTD shall be,

• Unique identity platform to promote GNSS business and resources
• Preferred GNSS brand and product name availability
• Represent brand, product and services under GNSS business category TLD.
• GNSS products and services maximum brand name protection
• Bring together GNSS business entities with no physical boundaries
• Develop GNSS activities and technology awareness in internet users.
• Build trust & loyalty between GNSS commercial entities and internet community.
• Enhanced GNSS technology and products presence on World Wide Web
• Improved GNSS product and services visibility and better understanding for internet users.
• Additional exposure for resellers on internet media by promoting GNSS product and services at dedicated web catalogue and marketing broachers under GNSS business category string.
• Highly secure and stable registry system
• Customer support oriented registrars.
• Provide Location based email marketing solutions as a value adds product (VAP) for registrants.
• Offer FREE 1 (One) webmail account with 1 (One) Giga Bites (GB) space.
• Free 500+ professionally designed email templates for registrant with webmail account.
• More than 1000+ contacts can be stored in free version.
• Registrant’s can send 500+ emails per day in free version.

JSC “NIS” shall introduce webmail service with integrated location based email marketing solutions and will be provided 1 (ONE) email account with no additional cost upon signing 1 (year) registration. This shift will present exciting opportunities for registrant to tap into the power of internet marketing for target specific geographically located audiences.

JSC “NIS” shall introduce preloaded 500+ professionally designed email templates and allow registrant to compose their own marketing campaign contents. At the same time, .gdn will provide prospect to all GNSS commercial entities to host their own sponsored email marketing HTML templates at .gdn webmail control panel to be utilized by the .gdn registrants. Thus it will help to promote their brand and product name among the .gdn registrants as well. The registrant shall have possibilities to organize their email contact listing by category and geographically location.

The .gdn innovative Internet location based email marketing solution not only bring benefits to the GNSS business owners but also give opportunity to other Internet users to start their own location-based business. One can simply register a .gdn domain name and run location-based opt-in email marketing campaign with no extra cost.

Hereby, JSC “NIS” goal is to provide .gdn registrants not only unique and secure identity for GNSS business activities but also use and knowledge of geographical information system inimitable features and tools on the Internet.

One of key objectives of the .gdn gTLD is to also encourage the GNSS products and services retail industry to do online sales and marketing, as globally one-third of online consumer say they primarily do their internet shopping at retailers that have only an online presence. Beside, reviews of a product are most important when it comes to purchasing consumer electronics: 57 percent of online respondents consider reviews prior to buying reported by Nielsen Company.

The .gdn gTLD shall be targeting worldwide electronic retailers to promote GNSS associated products online from additional specific niche-based marketing domain such as www.abceletronic.com can have www.abcelectronicgarmin.gdn which deliver internet audience meaningful and verifiable identity to understand that they resell Garmin navigation devices at their store along with hundreds of other electronic products. Online shoppers in the United States itself will spend US$327 billion in 2016 according to a projection released by Forrester Research Inc.

JSC “NIS” believes that location based content providers and the advertisement industry is an important segment for .gdn gTLD, where they shall have possibilities to low-down their contents using a niche domain name for better visibility on search engine and bring obvious understanding for viewers. Domain names are extensively used in advertising and we are all now very familiar with advertising messages that include a website address. This could be to encourage consumers to make an actual purchase of the product or service being advertised, to find out more information about the product, or simply for corporate branding. Nominet 2010 analysis reported that 65% of adverts contain a website address. Business was the top 2011 domain category following with shopping and computers (http:⁄⁄db.nominet.org.uk⁄), reported by Sedo, other hand godaddy.com domain market report shows Most Sold Keywords will be the most useful data for most domain name investors.

The registry will also be offering IDN domain names to the registrant in Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages to allure local registrants.

Target Market
Our first year target includes all GNSS an associated product manufactures, reseller, service providers, developers and worldwide institutes. In addition, JSC “NIS” will encourage location-based advertisers to simplify the process of reaching a specific targeted market.
Through an aggressive and innovative marketing campaign we will educate and attract the global Internet communities especially Russian and Chinese language countries to use the unique .gdn TLD. The nature of our proposed TLD is such that it is also expected to attract other global, non-Internet businesses to use the Internet to easily and effectively reach their targeted markets.
After the first year, our target demographic model expands to include smaller organizations and individuals by introducing a system of categorically focused sub-domains allowing them to effectively reach smaller, even private, target markets.
Customer Profile
Globally, the key customers for .gdn registrants are GNSS associated commercial entities, location based content providers, advertisers, resellers and educational institutes, in further small companies and individual who are interested in running location-based marketing campaign.
Major Competitors and Risk Factors
By promoting specific industry activities and introducing innovative internet marketing features for registrants the .gdn gTLD become itself as a unique in compare with existing gTLD and ccTLD.
Market Segmentation
At the beginning stage our market will consist of only GNSS associated in existence commercial entities, registered Trademark holders, owners of Famous brands, and ICANN accredited registrars to promote our product bundle at their websites. During the period following start-up and continuing until the 1st year tenor end our market will be expanded to include any and all businesses or related entities which meet our domain registration restrictions.
Beginning second year tenor, our market will be expanded to include any small companies or individual who meet our domain registration restrictions. At this time all entities meeting the registration restrictions will be accepted. Any expansion or modification of our market beyond this point will be in reaction to the market itself and determined by the .gdn Policy committee.
Research and Development
JSC “”NIS” being experienced in GNSS technology research and development since several years thus understand GNSS market from all dimensions and that provide extra edge to them in .gdn gTLD business development. JSC “NIS” will employ separate RND team to develop and enhance advance internet LBS email features and functions. Thus they can play key role in improvement of delivering content, interaction with registrants, deliver advanced and unique features for registrant use.
Marketing Planning

JSC “NIS” will be selling TLD registrations through ICANN-accredited registrars and advertising on the Internet, to corporations, small businesses, and individuals. Although direct competition will be limited to other TLD registries, no other current TLD registries offer our combination of value-added products, logical organization of the GNSS industry activities, global unification focus, or technological superiority.
Geoinformatics as an operational and marketing partner for JSC “NIS”, has appointed Web Commerce Communication LTD (Webnic) to operate as the marketing arm to provide an outsourcing service for marketing and business development of the .gdn gTLD, whereas Webnic create market awareness of .gdn .gTLD registry to its current reseller’s base of estimated 2000 in over 50 countries, promote .gdn gTLD registry in event and exhibitions, sign up ICANN accredited registrars globally and develop relevant contacts and marketing material in engaging with registrars.
Meantime, Geoinformatics will be following direct marketing strategy and circulate .gdn registry awareness to all GNSS associated commercial entities. And will pursue establishing affinity revenue sharing relationships with selected sites and build relationship with hosting companies.
JSC ”NIS” preliminary market scope consist of audience awareness thus the registry will adopt various media channels including internet advertisement, television, radio and print media to promote brand and educate internet community and globally that are not yet on the Internet as well.
JSC “NIS” will be promoting .gdn registry by participating and sponsoring globally in all major trade shows and exhibition.
The Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (ʺMTSʺ), the 2nd largest service provider in Europe with 140 subscriptions, Sistema owned 51.2% majority shares, will be additional marketing arm for JSC “NIS” at Russia, India, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Armenia.

JSC “NIS” sales projection are presented in the provided financial projection template, based on very conservative estimates after considered GNSS business industry volume, internet activates and users, consent with registrars, partners, and advertising experts, appraise the response of the number of domain registration to each publication and emphasize on niche marketing, then multiple it by factor measured reachable with these ads and channels. All presented estimations are not the final figures nor stand for any pledge.

Domain Registration Policies

1.0 General Policy: The .gdn TLD is intended to serve the global navigation satellite system commercial entities and activities. .gdn is NOT restricted to only people, organizations, associations, and private, governmental and non-governmental agencies whom are contributor in the GNSS business industry. The .gdn may establish safeguard policies for GNSS industry activities relevant registered trademarks for registrants by published policy statement. The .gdn may NOT allow to registrant at first place to use registered GNSS business industry trademarks prior issuing acknowledgement notice to trademark owner. The .gdn will reserved those trademarks as a premium domain name for registrants. The .gdn reserved rights to amend registration policy from time to time by published policy statement.

In event, .gdn premium domain name list missing those names that are registered as a trademark; registrant’s shall be treated as first-come first serve basis.

Application: The process of applying for a name registration does not require any authentication of eligibility by the applicant as far applicant is not breaching any .gdn application published restriction policies. The .gdn will permit registration of an available domain name upon completion of a data submission and accepting defined restriction policies. In the event, applicant is applied name from registered Trademark reserved .gdn list, the request will be hold by .gdn for maximum 10 (ten) days from the date of application, the .gdn issue 7 (seven) days notice to Trademark owner to reserve name at .gdn registry system prior .gdn release to applicant.

Name Selection - General Policy:

The composition of a domain name shall contain a string of minimum 1 (one) character and can contain up to a maximum of 63 (sixty-three) characters, excluding the .GDN TLD extension. A guideline of the characters accepted by the Registry includes:
- The alphabets from “A” to “Z”. There will be no distinction between upper-case and lower-case characters i.e. “A” is treated as “a” and vice-versa;
- The numerals from “0” to “9”; and
- The hyphen character. It shall not occupy the beginning, end or the third and⁄or fourth character of a domain name.

There are two types of .gdn Name selection policies shall be applies:
Name selection restrictions that flow from ICANN policies and contracts; and
Name selection restrictions that flow solely from the .gdn delegated authority.

The .gdn defined Name Policy :

Names are allowed to register - No Limitation – Any applicant that is eligible under ICANN defined policies and contract, will be entitled to register any domain name that is not registered at the time of their registration submission through an approved registrar.

NO Limitation in Number: Registrants are not limited in the number of names they may register

Registrant Representations – The registration application and registrant agreement will contain positive representations from the registrant whom are applying for the registered trademark name (s) that they are entitled to apply or have registered. Breach of such representative will allow the .gdn to revoke ineligible names at any time. Provided .gdn registry has issued prior approval to registrant at the time of applying such name.

Equivalent Rights – The .gdn will accept any registration application on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event an application does

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