18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.COACHCoach, Inc.steptoe.comView

Applicant has grown from a family-run artisan workshop founded in a Manhattan loft in 1941 with six leatherworkers to a leading designer, producer and marketer of fine accessories for both women and men. Applicant manufactures, distributes and sells high end lifestyle accessories such as handbags, business cases, luggage, wallets and other small leather goods, outerwear, eyewear, gloves and cold weather items, scarves, footwear, watches, fragrances and fine jewelry (hereafter collectively Applicant’s “Products”) to a loyal and growing customer base. Applicant has also created a sophisticated, modern and inviting environment to showcase its product assortment and reinforce a consistent brand position wherever the consumer may shop, while utilizing a flexible, cost-effective global sourcing model, allowing it to bring a broad range of products to market rapidly and efficiently.

For these reasons, Applicant is one of the most recognized accessories brands in the United States, Japan and many international markets, selling its distinctive, easily recognizable, brands that are relevant, extremely well made and well-priced. Applicant operates its own retail stores in several countries, including North America, Japan, Macau and mainland China and its on-line stores at www.coach.com and www.coachfactory.com. Applicant’s products are also sold in shop-in-shop boutiques within high-end department stores worldwide. Applicant presently operates nearly 500 COACH stores in the United States and Canada, and its products are available at over 970 department store locations in the United States, 211 international department stores, retail stores and duty free shop locations in over 30 countries, and 169 department store shop-in-shops and retail and factory locations operated by Coach in Japan alone. With a global vision in place, Applicant’s long-term strategic plan is to increase international distribution and target international consumers.

Applicant’s mission is to be the leading brand of quality lifestyle accessories offering classic, modern American styling. Indeed, the COACH brand is Applicant’s touchstone, and everything Applicant makes, advocates or engages in reflects the attributes of the brand. The COACH brand represents a unique synthesis of magic and logic that stands for quality, authenticity, value and a truly aspirational, distinctive American style. Customer satisfaction is also paramount to Applicant, whose responsibility to its internal and external customers calls for impeccable service to ensure that their needs are always met. By treating customers like guests in its own home, Applicant seeks to establish long-term relationships based on trust and satisfaction. Additionally, Applicant’s success is rooted in honesty and fairness where its people, its business and its community are concerned. As integrity is Applicant’s way of life, Applicant fully stands behind its products, staking its name and reputation on everything that it makes. Furthermore, innovation drives Applicant’s winning performance. Applicant challenges itself to be the best it can in every aspect of its business and strives to be a flexible organization committed to increasing consumer and shareholder value. Applicant’s success depends upon excellence and Applicant’s brand flourishes on Applicant’s nurturing of customer relations as well as extremely carefully selected Affiliates, as defined below in the registration policies in Section IV.

As high-quality fashion-related websites are among the most vulnerable to counterfeiting and fraudulent online activity, the purpose of the proposed .coach gTLD (“the TLD”) is to further assist Applicant in accomplishing its mission of customer satisfaction in providing impeccable service, quality, authenticity and value through the most technologically secure and advanced online environment – one in which customers can learn about and access the Products provided by Applicant or Applicant’s Affiliates. The TLD will moreover enable Applicant to further its goal of adapting and evolving to ever-changing trends and opportunities in furnishing its Products. In keeping with its mission to be the leading brand of quality lifestyle accessories offering classic, modern American styling in a safe, trusted, and responsible manner, upon delegation of the TLD, Applicant may initially conduct consumer research, such as marketing and⁄or technical research, to determine the most effective and safest way for Applicant to market and provide its Products to its consumers through the TLD. During this initial research period, Applicant may likely not use the TLD to provide any information or services to the public, but reserves the right to use the TLD for internal purposes, including consumer and security-based testing of the TLD for later public use. After the research is completed, Applicant reserves the right to continue to only use the TLD for internal purposes or, if an adequately secure public use is requested by consumers and proven viable, to expand its use of the TLD accordingly to match Applicant’s consumers’ and Affiliates’ Web-based expectations.

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