20(c) Provide a description of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

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.mlsThe Canadian Real Estate Associationcrea.caView

The MLS® trademarks are certification marks, which are a type of trademark that is used to distinguish services that are of a defined standard with respect to the quality with respect to the character and quality of the services and the people who preform them.  The MLS® Marks identify professional services rendered by members in good standing of CREA to affect the purchase and sale of real estate as part of a “plural system arrangement”, also known as a co-operative selling system (the “MLS® Services”). Only members of CREA are licensed to use the MLS® trademarks in Canada, and only then in compliance with CREA’s rules on the proper use of the trademarks. 

Part of CREA’s mandate set out in its By-laws, Rules, and Regulations is to promote and protect the MLS® family of certification marks by exclusively licensing the marks to and encouraging their use by members, by promoting the acceptance and understanding of these marks and the associated professional services through public advertising and member education, and by monitoring and preventing improper uses. It is also part of CREA’s mandate that it act as a technological resource for its members by providing technology services and products. The purpose of the .MLS TLD is to help fulfill CREA’s mandate.

Ever since the MLS® trademarks were first registered in the 1950’s, CREA has been taking measures to enforce the proper use of those marks to ensure that they maintain their distinctiveness and value for organized real estate. This has been achieved by creating compliance materials explaining how the marks are to be used, contacting our members to help them correct any misuses, and sending cease and desist letters to non-members who are not licensed to use the trademarks. Applying for the .MLS TLD is another step CREA is taking to help protect and promote the MLS® marks.

By only allowing members of CREA to register and use the .MLS TLD in Canada and the United States, it is hoped that such use will reinforce to consumers that the MLS® marks represent cooperative services provided by members of organized real estate. Further, consumers on .MLS website will be able to rely on the fact that the information on those websites relates to MLS® services or is information originating from an MLS® System, which must meet standards for accuracy of information. Reinforcing this message with CREA’s members and consumers will hopefully strengthen and promote the MLS® trademarks. 

Further, by owning the .MLS TLD, CREA will be able to provide another technology service to its members that will benefit all of organized real estate as well as purchasers and sellers of real estate throughout North America.

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