18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

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.mlsThe Canadian Real Estate Associationcrea.caView

We believe it is important for there to be awareness of the existence of a new .MLS TLD in order to be of benefit to Internet users. Such awareness will create new choice within the DNS for how to access and locate CREA member related information by users of the Internet.

For decades, the MLS® trademarks have indicated to Canadian consumers a level of service provided only by professional REALTORS® as part of a cooperative selling system. Just as consumers have come to recognize and know the meaning of the MLS® trademark in marketing and advertising, they will also recognize and know the meaning of the MLS® trademark in domain names and have trust in the associated professional services and listing information offered by those websites.

Internet users will know that the information on .MLS websites relate to MLS® services or listing information from an MLS® System, both of which require a certain level of professionalism and accuracy of information, as opposed to marketing websites that simply aggregate listing content without any such assurance. We expect registrants of .MLS domains to benefit over time from the increased user awareness such as through access of future .MLS websites and e-mail addresses.

Such information will allow consumers to locate professional services coming from members of CREA etc.

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