16 Describe the applicant's efforts to ensure that there are no known operational or rendering problems concerning the applied-for gTLD string

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.cbreCBRE, Inc.cbre.comView

CBRE, Inc., an operating company and indirect wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of CBRE Group, Inc., will be filing this application with ICANN. For the remainder of this application, CBRE, Inc. and CBRE Group, Inc. will collectively be referred to as ʺCBREʺ unless otherwise noted.

CBRE foresees no known rendering issues in connection with the proposed .CBRE string which it is seeking to apply for as a gTLD.

Unfortunately, there are still certain Internet and software applications that ʺhard codeʺ TLD lists rather than referring to the IANA list of TLDs. To the extent that CBRE becomes aware of applications that do in fact hard code, it is committed to working with the application developers to rectify such issues and with the ICANN communityʹs outreach effort to address the Universal Acceptance of TLDs. This answer is based upon consultation with CBREʹs backend provider, Neustar, which has successfully launched a number of new gTLDs over the last decade. In reaching this determination, the following data points were analyzed:

- ICANNʹs Security Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) entitled Alternative TLD Name Systems and Roots: Conflict, Control and Consequences (SAC009);
-IAB - RFC3696 ʺApplication Techniques for Checking and Transformation of Namesʺ
-Known software issues which Neustar has encountered during the last decade launching new gTLDs;
-Character type and length;
-ICANN supplemental notes to Question 16; and
-ICANNʹs presentation during its Costa Rica regional meeting on TLD Universal Acceptance.

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