18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.locusLocus Analytics LLCtyemill.comView

Locus Analytics (“Locus”) is a company that specializes in semantic information systems. Over the last dozen years, we have developed novel semantic classification systems. The 1st products are related to business and finance. Locus’ next series of products will be around the use of the upper-level domain “. Locus” and “. Impact”. Each upper-level domain be community-based upper level domains. These are upper-level domains that will be approved in a defined process that meets the objectives and standards of the upper-level domain. “.Locus” domains will be business-oriented domains that are attached with a GPS-like address that will position and relate the site in the Locus community. “. Impact” will be a social enterprise domain that will be available to those companies that are part of the global social impact community. These are the new generation of companies that are trying to make a difference by building micro-finance, water, food, housing, healthcare operations in the under-developed areas of the world.

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