18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.vegasDot Vegas, Inc.mackayventures.comView

Dot Vegas, Inc. (herein referred to as “Dot Vegas”, “Dot Vegas, Inc.ʺ, the ʺCompanyʺ or “Applicantʺ), in cooperation with and under the express endorsement and direction of the City of Las Vegas, Nevada (as described below in Question #21), is dedicated to:

1. Providing the residents, businesses, governmental and civic organizations of Las Vegas and its surrounding communities, with a competitive, geo-location based alternative for establishing a meaningful presence on the internet – as described more fully hereafter, through efforts coordinated with the City of Las Vegas and other governmental subdivisions and civic organizations in the surrounding areas, (a) names of significant meaning are being reserved for use by the appropriate governmental division, and (b) a ‘local sunrise’ period is being conducted prior to public registration launch to protect the interests of local enterprises and to encourage their adoption and use of .VEGAS domain names within their internet strategies;

2. Creating an ongoing, meaningful new source of funding for the City of Las Vegas and its programs – in these times of budgetary cuts and reduced monetary resources, the revenue produced by the .VEGAS TLD represent a creative, reliable source of financial support that will assist the City in accomplishing its mandate. As explained in more detail elsewhere in this application, in addition to revenues provided to the City, Dot Vegas intends to give more back to the community by using a percentage of revenues generated from TLD operations to establish a ‘community fund’ from which financial support can be extended to local civic initiatives;

3. Enhancing the ‘Vegas’ brand around the world and in cyber space. To paraphrase an old Vegas axiom, “there are three (3) kinds of people in the world: those that live in or have visited Vegas, those that plan to visit Vegas, and those that want to visit Vegas”. As one of the preeminent entertainment and hospitality destinations in the world, Las Vegas spends nearly $300 million annually promoting the City and surrounding areas. The .VEGAS TLD’s operations will not only be a very visible reflection on ‘Vegas’ but must be operated in a way that adds to and enhances the ‘Vegas’ brand worldwide; and

4. Delivering a robust, stable, and secure technical infrastructure that meets the highest standards in the industry, facilitates innovation and creativity by end users and applications providers, promotes trust and integrity for consumers, and increases the competitive landscape for the benefit of consumers. Because of the history of Las Vegas and its reputation for entertainment, gaming and hospitality, particular emphasis is placed on establishing policies and technical procedures which will allow Dot Vegas as registry operator to deter illegal or abusive activities using .VEGAS domain names, and in coordination with the City, law enforcement, and other relevant agencies, to adequately and timely address any such abusive or illegal activity or practices.

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