18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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The mission and purpose of the .translations TLD is to promote translation as a professional skill and intellectual service while also promoting the applicant company, Translations S.A.R.L. (hereinafter the “Translations company”) and enabling it to reach a wider audience. The Translations company believes, first, that translation is a ʺhigh added valueʺ service and second, that the translator is the most important aspect of this service. The .translations TLD will be an informative space used by Translations company to educate the Internet public about the role and benefit of professional translation and to generate awareness of highly-skilled translators including Translations company.

Translation is essential to communication in the modern, globalised economy. It is therefore crucial to combat its commodification. The .translations TLD will promote and showcase the profession through informational sites that emphasise the value added by professional translators to communications. It will also provide an online forum for professional translators around the world to communicate and collaborate with each other.

The Translations company has provided translation services for over 25 years through its highly qualified internal staff and external translator networks. It is recognised as one of Europeʹs leading providers of top quality translation services, and is therefore ideally suited to operate and be the sole registrant of domain names in this TLD. A key mission of the Translations company is to educate the market about the importance of quality in translation and the risk and unreliability of translation by unqualified, unskilled providers. With the proliferation of low quality⁄low cost online translation services, Translations company believes that it is crucial to preserve the integrity and values of this profession. The .translations TLD will enable the Translations company to reach a broader audience in this mission. Leveraging its existing high reputation, Translations company will use the TLD to make globally available educational and informational resources that communicate and preserve the fundamental values of the translation profession and also enable communication with and between professionals who uphold those values.

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