18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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I. The .vip TLD has been designed to provide a trusted zone free from security breaches and technical problems. The extensive security measures embedded into the heart of the zone will serve to minimize social costs and negative consumer consequences.
DOTVIP will offer a phased launch consistent with ICANN requirements to ensure the protection of Trademark holders and the satisfaction of potential registrants. The first phase will be the ICANN-mandated Sunrise period open to Trademark holders. In the event of conflicting requests, the names will be sent to auction. Next, a Founder’s Program will allow eligible VIPs to claim domains prior to General Availability. In General Availability, domain names will become available for purchase by any entity on a first-come, first-serve basis.
II. DOTVIP is considering providing bulk pricing discounts for registrars, consistent with ICANN’s Code of Conduct, and co-marketing programs for those entities that are willing to dedicate resources into promoting the .vip TLD. Other marketing programs may be put in place based on the results of DOTVIP’s ongoing research of the target market. The details of any marketing programs will be finalised prior to launch.
III. .vip domain names will be available for registration on a one-year to ten-year basis in compliance with ICANN requirements. Interim takedowns of non-compliant domains are possible to protect the integrity of the zone.
At this time DOTVIP does not foresee a need to increase the registry fees, but the registry will certainly give ample notice of any change in fees as required by the Registry Agreement and ICANN regulations.

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