18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.vipVipspace Enterprises LLCgooglemail.comView

I. The .vip TLD has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of VIPs who increasingly require a short, intuitive, and globally-recognized domain name regardless of their sphere of influence. It will cater to a population of registrants who are accustomed to the highest levels of service and competency, which the domain will provide. .vip will allow authorized parties to register the shortest, most intuitive, and most descriptive domain names possible while operating in a zone meeting ICANN-mandated levels of technical security and stability (provided by CentralNic’s registry platform). Its use will include but is not limited to websites, emails, online applications, online transactions, social media, directories and any new usages of domain names.
DOTVIP shares ICANN’s commitment to the promotion of consumer choice and protection, security, stability, innovation, and rights protection, and the .vip domain has been designed to ensure the execution of each and every one of these objectives.
II. The .vip TLD will be the first TLD specifically designed to serve the needs of VIPs - allowing them to flourish and prosper unhindered in the digital landscape. It will provide unprecedented levels of technical service and serve as a platform for the innovation and expansion of their digital presence.
Additionally, the TLD will promote ICANN’s goals of strengthening competition, consumer trust, consumer choice, security, and rights protection by:
• diversifying the ownership and control of gTLD registries
• providing a zone where web users are easily able to locate information about VIPs
• operating at the levels of technical security and stability required by ICANNʹs new gTLD program
• protecting DOTVIP as a rights holder, and creating a dedicated zone wherein complete brand protection and control is guaranteed to the highest standards
III. The .vip TLD will permit VIPs to register the shortest and most appropriate domain names possible while allowing internet users to easily identify VIPs worldwide – unimpeded by artificial boundaries (such as generic or ccTLD endings).
To this end, DOTVIP has made provisions for marketing the TLD extensively so as to promote potential user uptake and understanding while ensuring the wider public understands the benefits of the .vip namespace.
.vip will be a trusted zone functioning at the highest standards of technical and operational utility and security. It will protect rights holders and consumers alike by providing certainty that .vip domains are a safe and legitimate space free from illegal content, malware, etc. (as discussed in responses to questions 28 and 29).
IV. The .vip TLD is available as an open registry. As well as a Sunrise Period, Founders’ Programs will be made available to a restricted circle of users. Prior to General Availability, a global, top-down outreach initiative will ensure that authorized registrants and internet users alike are aware of the TLD and its benefits.
V. Owing to the exclusive nature of the domain, the highest standards of privacy and data protection are required. DOTVIP intends to provide a safe and legitimate internet space, enhancing user experience by mitigating security-associated risks. The CentralNic WHOIS service is fully compliant with ICANN policies which will ensure that complete and accurate “thick” WHOIS information is readily accessible for every .vip domain name. DOTVIP will additionally ensure the deployment of DNSSEC on the zone as an additional layer of protection and comply with all other policies required by ICANN in the Registry Agreement and ⁄or via any Consensus Policy.

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