18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.vipVipspace Enterprises LLCgooglemail.comView

DOTVIP (.vip) is the new Top Level Domain exclusively developed for very important persons and very important projects.
The .vip domain is intended to benefit internet users worldwide by enabling them to immediately identify the websites of important persons and projects. The domain will provide VIPs globally with the most appropriate, short, simple, and intuitive domain names possible. The introduction of the domain will introduce a fresh inventory of second-level names no longer available in the traditional TLD space, fostering greater consumer choice and competition. It is the first TLD specifically and exclusively designed to cater to VIPs, and a .vip domain name will serve as a badge of excellence and exclusivity coveted by VIPs and immediately recognized by the internet-using public.
Increased globalization means that VIPs require a global internet presence not defined by country codes or artificial TLD brands: their VIP status is their brand, and it is DOTVIP’s position that their domains should be reflected in their brand.
The .vip domain is intended to be made available as an open registry, wholesaling domains at a fixed price. A number of special founders’ programs prior to General Availability will also be made available to a restricted circle of users, thereby ensuring that legitimate VIPs are made aware of the domain and its benefits and given the opportunity to obtain their domain.
All content contained on the domains is subject to DOTVIP’s Acceptable Use Policy, and the zone itself will be compliant with the UDRP and the URS in order to promote ICANN’s goals of consumer and rights protection. The domain will operate at the highest security levels (those currently required by ICANN’s new gTLD program) and will create a technically stable zone, reflecting ICANN’s commitment to the promotion of security and consumer trust.

DOTVIP is a registered European trademark (No. 010077998) at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, and registration as a trademark is pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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