18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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The Mission and Purpose of the .KIWI top-level domain (the “TLD”) is:

-To promote the Kiwi identity, its values, qualities and characteristics on a worldwide basis
-To provide a platform to give Kiwis and Kiwi businesses a fresh and modern online identity to showcase the cultural, commercial and social aspects of being Kiwi
-To establish a commercially viable business which will also provide an on-going charitable contribution to assist in the rebuild of Christchurch, New Zealand, following the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011.

The information provided below and in following sections expands on the overall mission and purpose of .KIWI, and includes the proposed framework for assessing how the .KIWI TLD addresses ICANN’s stated objectives for expanding the gTLD space.

A “Kiwi” is a flightless bird native to New Zealand, named by the Maori, the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand. The Kiwi is iconic to New Zealand, and its image has been widely used as a symbol throughout the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries by New Zealand individuals, sports teams, the military, organisations, government and corporations. Through the symbol’s prominent roots in the New Zealand military, New Zealand soldiers became known as “Kiwis”. Throughout the 20th century, “Kiwi” became the widely adopted nickname used internationally for people from New Zealand, as well as being a common self-reference for those that consider themselves New Zealanders or associate with New Zealand and its culture.

There are now over 4.5 million New Zealanders in the world, including a high proportion of expatriates (“expats”), approximately one million, who feel a strong affinity to their homeland and self-identify as Kiwis. Importantly, the Kiwi name also represents national pride, values, achievements, ideologies, and aspirations that Kiwis consider unique and special to New Zealand.

.KIWI recognises that for Kiwis, New Zealand is always home, regardless of where in the world theyʹre living and working, and anticipates that .KIWI will provide them an exciting way of proclaiming their identity online. Therefore, the .KIWI TLD will become an important identifier for like-minded people, businesses and organisations with an affiliation to New Zealand and being a Kiwi.


GLOBAL IDENTITY. The mission of .KIWI is to promote the Kiwi identity globally via the internet in a way that reflects the Kiwi culture, whilst supporting New Zealand communities and causes.

Thus, we seek to create or enhance:

- AVAILABILITY. To promote the Kiwi identity, its values, qualities, characteristics, perspectives, leaders, populace, supporters and admirers, by making available domain names ending in .KIWI, for personal, business, or other legal purposes in New Zealand and around the world.
- SHARING. To promote the Kiwi identity by having information of any and all types and for any and all legal purposes available and disseminated from websites and email addresses ending in .KIWI for the registrants and users own purposes in New Zealand and worldwide.
- ENTERPRISE. To promote the Kiwi identity by allowing businesses, not-for-profits and individuals to associate their products, services, information and themselves with the Kiwi identity for their own purposes in New Zealand and around the world.
- CONNECTIONS. To grow the number of people and organisations in New Zealand and around the world that publicly identify themselves via the internet with the Kiwi identity, through the use of .KIWI domain names and email accounts by making .KIWI domain names affordable and readily available (subject to the rules governing .KIWI, as discussed in section 18b(iv) of this application).
- PHILANTHROPY. To contribute a percentage of .KIWI’s revenue and profit towards the rebuild of the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, following the devastation of the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes, resulting in the tragic death of 185 people and the wide-spread destruction of homes, buildings and key infrastructure of Christchurch. A trust chaired by Sir John Hansen, a former judge of the New Zealand High Court, is being formed to receive, administer and distribute funds.


GLOBAL PLATFORM. The purpose of .KIWI is to provide an online platform for internet users to associate with and promote the Kiwi identity and brand globally.

Thus, we seek to provide:

- FAMILIARITY. An online platform for all those interested in disseminating or seeking information, whether commercial or non-commercial, including issues, news, culture, lifestyle, entertainment, sports or other topics, with an easily recognisable domain name that associates them and⁄or their information with the Kiwi identity.
- COMMUNICATION. An identifiable means for people, organisations and businesses to communicate with those who associate or identify with the Kiwi identity.
- COMMERCE. An online platform for all those interested in selling or purchasing goods or services of any kind, or providing information, with an easily recognisable domain name that associates them and⁄or their goods or services with the Kiwi brand e.g. Tourism.
- INNOVATION. An online platform for innovation within businesses and organisations who attach themselves to the Kiwi identity.
- RECOGNITION. A platform for New Zealand expats to promote and align themselves with the Kiwi identity in an online context, providing instant recognition to New Zealanders and fellow expats, thereby creating opportunities for networking, business and social engagement.
- COMPETITION. .KIWI will offer internet users with a Kiwi affiliation the choice to choose a domain name that they identify with at a competitive price.
- INSPIRATION. An online platform for celebrating or observing matters of cultural and national significance, using a .KIWI domain to enhance the user experience and objectives of the organisers e.g. ANZAC Day Remembrances.


Registrants that want a domain name to effectively and efficiently show an association with the Kiwi identity, or a domain name which allows them to communicate with others who openly associate or identify as being Kiwi, face a domain name marketplace that provides them with very limited options.

The .KIWI TLD will:

-Resolve this problem by providing registrants with an efficient, effective, and instantly recognised way of demonstrating their association with the Kiwi identity
-Allow registrants to reach more targeted audiences and grow their online presence. Additionally, it will allow registrants to more closely identify with a particular market segment.

As mentioned above, one of the key elements of .KIWI’s mission is to connect Kiwi’s on a worldwide basis as facilitated through an expanded gTLD space. One of the measures for success will be based on the number of non-New Zealand based .KIWI domain name registrations that occur within a one to five year period.

As stated in section 18b of this application, the promotion of competition and consumer choice within New Zealand is of immediate and significant benefit. Also of special significance is the promotion of the Maori language within the .KIWI TLD. .KIWI will support “macronised” vowels in domains at the second-level. Macrons are used by the Maori language, and .KIWI will promote the adoption of Maori domain names and implement measures to protect names of cultural importance and interest. One of the measures for success will be the number of Maori .KIWI domain name registrations that occur within a one to five year period.

Additionally, .KIWI believes other matters of national significance warrant special consideration, and will commit to protecting and promoting the cultural integrity of matters of national significance.

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