18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.koelnNetCologne Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbHnetcologne.deView

One decision in order to eliminate social costs has been to assign domains on a first-come first-serve basis. The reason is that NetCologne GmbH (in the following “NetCologne”) introduces the .koeln TLD in order to benefit interested parties especially from the region in and around Cologne. Here, NetCologne wants to provide all prospects with the opportunity to register their preferred domain name. By choosing to resolve multiple applications for a domain by conducting an auction, potentially only privileged registrants would be provided with their preferred domain name. As NetCologne intends to avoid such a situation, a decision has been made in favour of a first-come first-served allocation.

The pricing model for registrants is, based on the nature of the registry business, only partly in NetCologne’s control. NetCologne has decided to sell a domain for 5.50 EUR per year to all registrars including NetCologne’s own registrar operations. From there on, it is the respective registrar’s decision at which price to sell a domain.
With regard to NetCologne’s own reseller operations (in accordance with Specification 9 no.2), domains are expected to be primarily sold in combination with other Internet products, for example homepage services or webspace. In this respect, there will be a special price for bundled product packages. In general however, NetCologne intends to sell .koeln domains at 1.49 EUR per domain⁄month.

NetCologne has set out that registrars will be provided with the opportunity to register domain names for their registrants for periods between one to ten years. This means that a registrar has the right to initially register a domain for up to ten years, but in no case for more than ten years. This ruling is in line with requirements from the Registry Agreement. The description of the registration lifecycle will further elaborate on this matter.

With regard to price increases, NetCologne today cannot make any binding commitment that no price increases will occur over the course of the next ten years. However, price increases will only be based on currency and general economic developments, not on goals of profit maximisation. Yet, if price increases are to occur, NetCologne will inform registrars three months in advance of the increase, so that registrars can inform their respective registrants. In case of a price increase, registrants will be provided with a special right of termination.

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.cologneNetCologne Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbHnetcologne.de-1.83Compare