18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.koelnNetCologne Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbHnetcologne.deView

The mission of the proposed gTLD is two-fold. First and foremost, the new gTLD is aimed to benefit Cologne’s companies, communities and residents as well as the city itself. Secondly, based on how the business model is set out, the introduction of the gTLD is also supposed to supplement NetCologne GmbH’s (in the following “NetCologne”) daily business operations.

With regard to the city and its residents, the introduction of .koeln provides a new means for companies, communities and residents to express their local sense of belonging. As Cologne is known for its strong local patriotism, it is very likely that the new gTLD will be embraced by the city’s interest groups, who will then have a means to express their identification with Cologne in the web space. However, the benefits for Cologne’s interest groups will be elaborated upon in my more detail in the answers to question 18b.

Yet, NetCologne’s purpose to host the respective gTLD goes beyond the mere provision of an additional Top Level Domain. When introducing a city TLD for local residents, companies and communities, the respective TLD must be safeguarded against any fraudulent behaviour. Therefore, NetCologne intends to make sure that only organisations, communities and private people with an eligible purpose can register their domain under a .koeln Top Level Domain, so that the city’s reputation sustains. As being a local company, NetCologne believes to be the ideal candidate for this purpose.

Apart from the primary interest to offer the city and its interest groups a local TLD, hosting .koeln will also strengthen NetCologne’s business operations. NetCologne is planning to use the already established outreach to Cologne’s companies, communities and residents in order to promote .koeln in Cologne and the surrounding area. Thus, besides operating as a registry, NetCologne also intends to engage in reselling activities – of course while granting other registrars the same conditions. NetCologne’s activities as a reseller will be performed in full accordance with the requirements according to Specification 9 no. 2. NetCologne is currently already operating as a provider for various Top Level Domains, so .koeln will add to the already existing portfolio and potentially expand NetCologne’s domain business. Present customers will be able to order their preferred .koeln domain via their already trusted service provider while mere .koeln customers may potentially also turn into customers of NetCologne’s core business units – online and telephony services.

In order to consider the gTLD’s introduction as successful, NetCologne expects to operate 58,402 .koeln domains by the end of year 5 of registry operations. The forecast on registered .koeln domains is therefore as follows:
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
21,065 41,534 49,556 53,287 58,402

This forecast includes the direct sales of domains to accredited registrars, but also the additional sales by NetCologne in combination with already existing Internet products, for example homepage services or webspace. Moreover, this calculation accounts for an annual termination rate of 2%.

The business case in question 46 will further illustrate which revenues are expected from the registry business, i.e. including NetCologne’s registry and registrar activities.
It must be noted that NetCologne intends to host the gTLD .koeln in combination with the gTLD .cologne, for which a separate application is submitted. One of the city council’s requirements was that an application for .koeln would have to be made in combination with an application for .cologne – in order to ensure an international presentation of the Internet brand Cologne. Thus, the domain sales forecast for .cologne and the resulting revenues can be found in the respective application for .cologne. In total, .cologne domain sales will supplement .koeln and will lead to additional, despite not comparable, revenue.

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