18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.онлайнCORE Associationaxone.chView

CORE Internet Council of Registrars is submitting the application for the .онлайн TLD. The purpose of .онлайн is to be a common and widely used TLD, oriented towards registrants and Internet users which write in the Cyrillic alphabet. The word “онлайн” means “online”, a term widely used by all Internet users of the Cyrillic alphabet in Belarus, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine, while being also easily recognizable by the population of other neighboring Balkan and Baltic countries that use and⁄or are familiar with Cyrillic-script languages.

The goals of the .онлайн TLD are:

(a) to foster and strengthen the usage of the Cyrillic script and of the languages that use it in the on-line world;

(b) to increase audience and awareness for websites using the Cyrillic script;

(c) to provide a platform for the development of any online activities both in the areas where the Cyrillic alphabet is used;

(d) to improve consumer choice by facilitating online activities in the areas where the Cyrillic script is widely used.

The .онлайн TLD will contribute to increase the usage of an IDN script, Cyrillic, and the linguistic diversity of the DNS, both being central goals of the new gTLD program.

The newly proposed domain is powerful in terms of characterizing the broad nature of the countless interactive web materials and content uploaded by Cyrillic speaking Internet users across the globe. It is expected that the proposed gTLD will spark a conspicuous amount of interest among users (and registrars) who have been fed up with the same old .COM⁄.ORG and other Latin-script domains, no adapted to their linguistic realities and are hence in the pursuit of more useful and convenient way to represent their activities, services, products and entities.

CORE Internet Council Of Registrars is sure that the “.онлайн” will fit a wide array of purposes for a wide variety of Internet users: corporate websites; personal homepages⁄blogs; Institutional site; commercial and non-commercial pages etc. The онлайн TLD will also become a more natural place for such things as emblematic pages dedicated to physical sites of cultural heritage or governmental institutions, as using names expressed in non-local alphabets feels, at least, unsuitable. онлайн TLD broad meaning will have equal appeal for them all.

CORE Internet Council of Registrars is a Swiss-based Association whose 60+ members are registrars and domain-name resellers with a global reach, including areas using Cyrillic script. CORE has fifteen years worth of experience in the domain registration industry both as registrar and as registry operator provider. CORE Internet Council of Registrars original and ongoing purpose is to keep the Internet’s naming and addressing infrastructure in the public trust.

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