18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.neustarNeuStar, Inc.neustar.bizView

18(a)1 Introduction to Neustar
Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR) is a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information and analytics to the Internet, telecommunications, entertainment, advertising and marketing industries throughout the world. Neustar applies its advanced, secure technologies in routing, addressing and authentication to its customers’ data to help them identify new revenue opportunities, network efficiencies, cybersecurity and fraud protection measures.

Neustar’s network addressing, routing and policy management services provide customers with insights into their data that are critical for their inventory management, network security and marketing departments so that you have the intelligence to make better decisions for its customers. Our services include domain name registry services, telephone number portability, managed DNS, web performance monitoring, IP geolocation and security threat monitoring solutions. Those services will enable the next generation of personal services that will change our lives and how we interact with others.

Neustar is well-known within the ICANN and global Internet communities for its provision of domain name registry services. It currently operates the TLD registries for .biz, awarded to Neustar by ICANN in 2000, and the .us ccTLD, awarded in 2001 by the United States Department of Commerce. In addition, Neustar provides back-end registry services for .co, .tel and .travel, gateway services to country code top level domains (ccTLDs), internationalized domain names (IDNs), and full registry services to new top level domains. Neustar has also been selected to serve as the back-end registry provider for numerous new gTLD applicants. Its registry is connected to over 250 domain name registrars worldwide.

18(a)2 .neustar gTLD Overview
The .neustar gTLD will create a trusted and secure location for Neustar brand constituents to log in to mission-critical Internet and telecommunications infrastructure services provided by Neustar, obtain customer service, and exchange critical information required by the communities that use Neustarʹs services.  Neustar provides trusted and neutral real-time information and analytics to the Internet, telecommunications, entertainment, marketing and advertising industries, which use the services to find, connect and authenticate their end-users.

Over 12,000 customer entities currently use Neustarʹs services to manage such critical services as domain name registrations, managed authoritative DNS services and local telephone number portability.  Providing a single and secure TLD for those customers will improve security, stability and reliability for those customers.

18(a)3 .neustar as a .brand gTLD
Although ICANN has not specifically recognized a .BRAND gTLD specification in the current round, it is widely anticipated that this new form of TLD will become a large specialty subset of gTLDs. .neustar is intended to be one of those .BRAND gTLDs, with the goal of protecting Neustar’s online presence and identity, expanding its marketing and promotion efforts, providing a secure channel for online products and services, and offering a platform through which to consolidate many of the intellectual property activities of Neustar.

Neustar intends to limit registration and use of domain names within the .neustar gTLD to Neustar, Inc. and its qualified subsidiaries and affiliates. This initial limited use will allow Neustar to establish its operations and achieve full sustainability. This limited distribution coupled with the other requirements set forth in Specification 9 of the new gTLD Registry Agreement is intended to exempt Neustar from the vertical separation requirements set forth in the Code of Conduct.

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