18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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Mission and purpose

The mission of the .TEAM TLD is to provide individuals, organizations and businesses a namespace to establish meaningful and relevant identities related to teams. Specifically, in the case of businesses, they can promote their companies, products and services that support teams of all types. The primary purpose is to foster a sense of shared identity and trust centered around a specific team or the idea of a team, among individuals, businesses and organizations.

We anticipate a variety of reasons that businesses, clubs, organizations, and individuals would want to acquire domain under the .TEAM TLD.

Businesses may want to create a professional web presence including online stores or shopping experiences, or use blogs, wikis and file sharing sites to support their merchandising, retailing efforts and business goals related to teams of all types, sports or otherwise, both professional and amateur, local, regional or national.

Individuals and organizations may use .TEAM domains to create websites to support or announce planned teams, organize activities, and begin marketing efforts, research and tests. Or a team site may be conducted as a hobby or as part of a greater tournament or challenge of some type.

Professional franchises will have the option to register their team name in .TEAM. This provides a short, memorable domain at the second level and a top-level that more appropriately matches their focus than any existing TLD.

We anticipate that registrants to whom we sell domains will regard the registered name of their teams rather seriously and to put significant effort into building the .TEAM brand and their own team brand within that space. We conservatively forecast having approximately 20,000 Domains Under Management (DUMs) by the third year of operation. Our financial responses in questions #45 through #50 go into detail on our funding, cost and revenue projections.

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