18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.RADIOAfilias Limitedafilias.infoView

Mission and purpose

There is currently a profusion of radio stations and podcasts on the Internet. Someone wishing to search for a particular radio station, podcast or topic sometimes has to engage in a rather involved and convoluted web search.

.RADIO proposes to create an Internet space which will become the easily recognizable gathering place for existing and planned radio stations and podcasters to create trusted and easily accessible online content, and ease of access for people searching for specific topics or radio formats. There are currently 25,000 radio stations worldwide (http:⁄⁄www.nationmaster.com⁄graph⁄med_rad_bro_sta-media-radio-broadcast-stations) as well as 100,000 English language and 20,000 international language podcasts available in various forums (http:⁄⁄stateofthemedia.org⁄2011⁄audio-essay⁄data-page⁄). .RADIO intends to give such content providers a way to distinguish themselves and their content from the current undifferentiated TLD structure.

Internet users will come to know that their favorite radio stations, podcasters and topics are easily discoverable under a .RADIO domain, and content providers will create more and better content, knowing that they will have an expanded and more targeted audience.

Due to the proliferation of radio stations and podcasts across the current set of undifferentiated TLDs, we anticipate that this space will take some time to catch on and create a recognizable brand and an identity, with a unique following and participation base distinct from the general TLD structure. Also, with many existing venues where radio stations and podcasters can register for free or at minimal cost, creating a content-rich environment of well over a million domains, it is most likely that initially only early-adopting radio stations and podcasters desiring to create a unique Internet presence will make the effort to establish a .RADIO domain. Early adopters will be driven by the desire to take advantage of a memorable, intuitive domain that is unique for audio content creators, thus enhancing the uniqueness of their content. Driven by this dynamic, we anticipate that we will have 20,000 domains under management (DUMs) after three years.

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