18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.APPAfilias Limitedafilias.infoView

Mission and purpose

The mission of the .APP TLD is to serve the needs of the growing mobile application software (app) market on the Internet by offering the participants of the emerging app business ecosystem a unique, short and easily identifiable domain name suffix. The purpose of the APP TLD is to enable the APP TLD domain registrants to meet the immediate and future needs of the individuals, businesses and stakeholders in this emerging app business ecosystem.

Among the immediate needs, the .APP TLD would become a badge of professionalism and commitment to the app industry and provide .APP registrants with new online branding benefits that differentiate them from other businesses and individuals that are not focused or committed to the app business ecosystem. The name of the TLD, .APP, is the message. Over time, as this emerging business ecosystem of .APP participants grows, new and never-before-possible economic, branding and app industry benefits could be offered by visionary entrepreneurs and infomediaries to create new value propositions and business models.

Apps today meet every imaginable need in an easy to use and affordable (or free) way. Combined with powerful and affordable mobile devices, it is no wonder why more and more people around the world are accessing the Internet via mobile devices over personal computers. Key to this emerging app business ecosystem are the entrepreneurs and app developers. Afilias believes that app developers are at the center of value-creation in this new business ecosystem. They also comprise the primary target market of the .APP TLD. To support their brand and business building needs, the .APP TLD could help meet the unmet need to be easily identified as app development professionals. The .APP TLD can become the Internet’s official badge of professionalism for app developers. The suffix. APP at the end of website and email addresses conveys focus, professionalism, and trust to the mobile device app consumers and advertisers that support the livelihoods of app development professionals.

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