18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.praxiPraxi S.p.A.praxi.comView

18.c Describe operating rules to eliminate or minimize social costs or financial resource costs, various types of consumer vulnerabilities.

Praxi S.p.A. will be the only entity registering names in the .praxi TLD. The process for registering domains internally within Praxi S.p.A. will require approval by Praxi’s TLD Approvals Committee and adherence to all ICANN policies regarding acceptable domain names. The entire decision process will be supported by an existing internal workflow software application used to handle IT support functions.

Praxi S.p.A. intends to control the TLD .praxi and second-level domains by putting in place the following operating protocols:

- A web portal for the collection of reports and notices of potential abuse and⁄or incorrect usage of the domain; the dashboard portal will be managed and monitored by the .praxi domain technical staff;
- Information accessible to staff that delineates the active second-level domain addresses and the names of the respective business unit managers (name and email address);
- Publication of internal policies for the proper use of the second-level domain;
- Immediate suspension in the case of improper use.

In conjunction with the above protocols, the registration process will be as follows:

1. The manager of the respective business unit makes a request to open a new second-level domain utilizing a designated form made available on the Praxi intranet. The following data is required: the proposed name of second-level domain, the business unit making the request, a description of the motivations, a market analysis and presentation of potential returns in terms of brand image and visibility, and the person within the business unit responsible for handling all required activities related to the second-level domain.

The intranet, which is connected to the second-level domains database, then runs a check of the name’s availability.
2. The request to open a new second level domain is forwarded and examined by the following members of Praxi’s TLD Approvals Committee:
a. TLD Administrator: to verify consistency with the Division’s objectives;
b. Praxi S.p.A. Marketing Manager: to verify the feasibility in terms of communications and evaluate potential alternatives;
c. Technical support representative: to verify that the requested name is ICANN-compliant;

3. If the proposed second-level name is approved by all of the members of the TLD Approvals Committee, the designated technical support individual initiates the opening of the second-level domain at Praxi’s registrars.

4. After registration, the technical support representative updates the Praxi S.p.A. intranet and notifies the business unit managers and requester via email that the second-level domain is available.

Praxi’s TLD Appeals Committee, consisting of Praxi’s Board of Directors, will convene and act to address any concerns or internal disputes about domain names that are raised by members of the TLD Approvals Committee or other involved parties.

As Praxi S.p.A. will not be selling domain names, there are no pricing commitments to consider.

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