18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.praxiPraxi S.p.A.praxi.comView

18.b Benefit

i. Goals
- Areas of specialty – Praxi S.p.A. is a management consulting firm and will use its TLD to increase brand recognition and reputation across all business units.
- Service levels – Praxi S.p.A. will offer use of its TLD to trusted partners, significantly increasing the calibre of its service offering.
- Reputation – Praxi’s reputation as a “partner in innovation and development” will be significantly strengthened with the addition of a TLD, which is an important seal of approval for any technologically-minded firm. A TLD also reinforces Praxi’s commitment to the protection of intellectual property, one of Praxi’s key business units.

ii. Addition to the current space: competition, differentiation or innovation
- Competition: early adoption of a TLD puts Praxi S.p.A. at the forefront of technological change, which is critical for the long-term growth of Praxi’s multi-business, technology-centric business model. A TLD will help Praxi S.p.A., a medium-sized firm by Italian standards, level the playing field with respect to large multi-national firms and compete for clients that were previously unapproachable.
- Differentiation: a TLD is an effective way to make a strong first impression on site visitors and truly differentiate Praxi S.p.A. from other management consulting firms.
- Innovation: Praxi S.p.A. views a TLD as a tool with the potential to stimulate new business intelligence, educational, training and communications initiatives. There are a variety of online services that Praxi S.p.A. could offer to clients and partners that would be enhanced by a TLD .praxi. These include a Praxi Alliance platform to facilitate partner collaboration through document sharing, data submission portals, job postings, and membership application and fee portals; a reserved mini-site for Executive Search clients to provide them with a more discrete, technology-driven search process, utilizing video conferencing technology, CV submission capabilities and a status updates on pending search assignments; and, our public competitions registration process could be further automated and would certainly benefit from the seal of approval afforded by a TLD .praxi.

iii. User experience
Customers will come to recognise officially endorsed websites that are part of the Praxi S.p.A. group. Users will be able to locate services and business units in a more direct, intuitive fashion. More importantly, for visitors unfamiliar with the Praxi brand, the presence of a TLD will imply that Praxi S.p.A. is committed to internet security and also a brand to be trusted.

Praxi S.p.A. is heavily involved in public competitions, which require that potential candidates be provided access to a highly secure, protected website. By the same token, Praxi’s HR Division relies upon candidates’ willingness to submit private, confidential information online. The presence of a TLD will signal to applicants that their personal data is being transmitted and⁄or handled safely.

iv. Registration policies
Public registrations will NOT be made available. Only Praxi S.p.A. and authorised partners ⁄ affiliates will be allowed to use domain names within this TLD.

Praxi S.p.A. will institute a code of conduct or standards policy that TLD .praxi users will need to accept and sign prior to publishing the domain. As an example, the policy will require that users not spread malware or spam and that they only engage in activities that protect the interest of the Internet and the community.

v. Confidentiality
The TLD .praxi will be for internal, non-commercial use only and Praxi S.p.A. does not anticipate a need for additional confidentiality measures beyond the standard Italian policies required by law.

vi. Outreach and communications
The TLD will be used for internal, non-commercial purposes only. However, regular communications with clients and trusted partners about the initiative will accelerate our ability to innovate, differentiate and increase the calibre of our service offerings.

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