18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.praxiPraxi S.p.A.praxi.comView

18.a Mission ⁄ Purpose

Public registrations will NOT be made available and only Praxi S.p.A. and authorised partners⁄affiliates will be allowed to use second-level domain names within this TLD. Praxi S.p.A. views the activation of a TLD as a strong investment in its intangible assets. This strategy helps protect and control Praxi’s brand, strengthens Praxi’s reputation and credibility in the marketplace and increases its competitive advantage.

Praxi S.p.A. has been assisting private companies and public bodies to develop, improve and innovate their organizations since 1966. With share capital of Euro 6 million, Praxi’s organizational structure includes 250 permanent employees across the following four operating divisions: Management Consulting, Information Technology, Valuations and Appraisals and Human Resources. Praxi S.p.A. operates out of ten offices: Bologna, Brescia, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Padua, Rome, Torino and Verona.

Praxi S.p.A. consists of more than 10 business units, which have been carefully developed over the past forty five years and enjoy strong brand recognition in Italy and Europe, as well as numerous registered trademarks for proprietary products and services. Individual business units, products and services will be assigned to the TLD .praxi (e.g. executive.praxi, alliance.praxi, humanresources.praxi, 4people.praxi, etc.) as a further measure of protection against outside parties attempting to encroach upon Praxi’s intellectual property and enjoy the benefits of its reputation.

Praxi Alliance extends Praxi Executive‘s brand globally through its worldwide network of specialized Executive Search and HR Consulting firms.

As a result of this segmentation and protection, Praxi’s brand and reputation will benefit from the following: a more nuanced, multi-dimensional presentation that highlights individual business units and products, a heightened consumer awareness of Praxi’s dedication to internet security and further reinforcement and proof of Praxi’s corporate slogan, “A partner for innovation and development”.

At the international level, Praxi S.p.A. will offer Praxi Alliance Members use of the Praxi S.p.A. domain in their respective countries as an additional, non-commercial membership benefit. The current network is composed of small to mid-sized independent executive search firms located in Europe and Asia. Members’ local credibility will benefit from being affiliated with a well-established management consulting firm in possession of a TLD. In addition, Member visibility and brand recognition can be enhanced by the improved positioning in search results afforded by a TLD .praxi.

In general, the ability to protect Praxi’s brand, fine tune marketing and branding activities and provide value-added services to our partner firms will improve Praxi’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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